A Monster

Starting the first project now. This will be a one off. I have never seen anything done like it before. I have no idea if there will even be any interest in it but I have been wanting to make something like this for a while now. I am hoping to have it done in about 5 hours. I will then post it as my first auction to see if there is any interest. If there is, I will make more of this type of thing in the future. Time to go play, wish me luck!!

It just finished the machining I was worried about so I can tell you what it is…

One and one only HUGE top. 4.75″ diameter to scale. This means it will weigh several pounds and be strictly a display or novelty item. I will also make a cool stand for it. Stainless and brass for top and stand. It will be around 4″ long.

Does it look big?

Monster 01

How about now?

Monster 02

Monster 03 Monster 04


Monster 05

AUCTION: My first ever auction! This is a big one. 4.5″ diameter SS over Copper. Weighing in at 3.55lbs!! 1/4″ ceramic ball. I will post pictures of the stand in a hour or so and is included in the price. Starting bid is $0 and a minimum increment of $5. Auction ends at 3:00pm central time tomorrow (10/23). Shipping will be $15 domestic and $25 international due to the weight and this one will not come in a bubble mailer lol. Good luck everyone!!

Monster 06Monster 07Monster 08 Monster 09

well I cant believe I am going to say this but this is my longest spinner ever. You have to spin it a ton of times to get it up to speed. You just keep working it with two hands as it is spinning.

I have never been more excited to get a spin time in my life. I stopped machining the base just so I can watch it

it rubbed a dimple in the mirror

Here is the stand which is included in the auction

Monster 10

Monster 11

This is a one off. I might do one big one a year but it would be totally different. I think this is the biggest precision top made so far too. I broke a sweat spinning it twice last night lol

So here is the scoop, I spun it once to get the spin video. It spun a long time as I was out in the shop and came back in and it was still spinning so I went for a timed spin. Well it started grinding and wore a dimple in the mirror so I stopped. You have to two hand spin it multiple times to get it up to speed but it will spin a LONG time. Gun to my head I will say 25 minutes.

The only thing that will work would be Josh’s glass I think. There is just so much weight on the ball

It’s as big as my head!

Monster 12

Aaron Jordan 625

Rich Stadler congrats Aaron Jordan


Check this out. Spun by using two hands multiple times to get it up to speed.

started it over, got a good spin this time. It was going to catch and edge. If the wobble does not kill it prematurely it should be a crazy time


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