“Miracle” Proto GAW

SUS this is a prototype that spins great. I totally forgot about it! Some minor differences compared to the actual model. This is FREE! To enter respond with a 4 or more line poem but keep it clean. I will draw the winner this afternoon! 

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Michael Moore If I can stop one heart from breaking,
I shall not live in vain;
If I can ease one life the aching,
Or cool one pain,
Or help one fainting robin
Unto his nest again,
I shall not live in vain.

Emily Dickinson

David Goldman In!
Round and round, spin spin spin,
Thanks for the SUS, I hope I win!
If I do, my jaw will drop,
As this will be, my first big boy top!

Aaron Jordan Nothing in life is permanent
dont stop and stare, keep spinning dont stop
great groups of people bring joy and comfort
for this, there are miracles to share from one to the next

Josh Lakenan Spinning, turning, round and round.
Copper and steel, perfectly bound.
Gliding, motionless, never stop.
Precision machined, Stadler top.

Willy Demis Machining is the envy of this garage tinker
Though budget constraints keep me a dreamer.
The beauty of worked metal resonates from within
From the earth to the lathe, that pretty thing spins!

Will Cutler How can a time be so preserved?
In copper and steel Rich Stadler did carve.
These moments in life that can be so pivotal,
often turn out to be the miracle.

Shaul Stone Set off like the wind,
You little metal made to spin
Like planets
and dust
the tides
and human lust
twirl, you top, twirl
and you will never see the bottom
of a heart
of a soul
of a small handmade universe by you kept whole

Peter Sand I’d prefer to enter a german one but here we go:

Life is fast and life is short
The bad things they come free to us
But sometimes there’s a glance of hope
Some people call it miracles

Ana Florencia Steindler Capture the time
in a spin.
Capture the essence of beauty.
it’s art
it’s essence of forever
encapsulated in a twirl
it’s calm and sweetness and letting the world
as the turn comes
to a stop.

Kingston Scott Feil Psalm 144-1
Blessed be the Lord my Rock,
Who trains my hands for war,
And my fingers for Battle

Gavin Sexton Name poem
R- Ravishingly sexy face! Roll model!
I- Integrexy intelligence! Inspiration.
C- ‘Cause Corvettes, bro!
H- Has mad Mazakery skillz! Hearts and hugs.

Christian Unger Yeah, I´m IN:
“God of tops I call you,
my thoughts are with you now
choose my name, I´ll promise
I´ll spin it, yelling: WOW!!!”

William Piotrowski Oh Billett top, Oh Billet top!
You spin around and do not drop!
Until your spinning starts to slow,
Then to the ground your top will go.

Matt Woodrow This top is awesome
That they say
But I dont have one
So I’m here to say
If I don’t get this
And you do
I will come and take it from you you you! !

Randy Domingo In

Jon Wade With a flick of the wrist
my fingers twist
the faster the turn
the more lessons I learn

Marcus Young Roses are red
Violets are blue.
I only have 1 Rich Stadler top.
Let’s make it two !

Mike Gallwey I’m not a poem guy.
No I’m not.
But if I win this top,
My heart will stop.
I really like Stadler tops!

Pete Thompson Roses are red
Violets are blue
I’ve got a knife
Get in the van

Hunter Morera Roses are red violets are blue give me this top and I will love you!

Larry Gauthier OK Richie Rich.. Here we go.. I bought a nice top, made the others seem like slop. Spinning and spinning ..I’ll show it off at lunch. Your toy means joy, although it may sound coy. Thanks for the cool things you make, win or lose, a smile we will all take.

Jake Epstein Roses are black
Violets are black
Dogs are black
I think I’m Stevie wonder

Bryan Dickson There was a young man who could spin,
He would comment on posts with “in”,
He sent off his money,
And the postman delivered a shark fin!

Phil Blaszak III Haikus are dumb
Sometimes they don’t make sense

But that was only three lines.

In the end
When someone says
It’s over
It gets better

Vincent Roney There once was a bit who admired all tops,
His wife had a baby and told him to stop,
He continued to look at each new top with desire,
Wondering if she would notice a new aquire!

Josh Batcher Until we find the reason.
The truth will have to do.
We can only know so much.
So there’s always something new.

Quoc T Ho Oh that prototype
Cause grown men to do things
As I’m about to wipe
Wipe away the effects of last night’s wings

Mike Coit Cold metal tube
Spun by the Rich-ster
Turned into magic
That makes us all Richer

Joshua Moreau Lettre a Maman

Ça y est maman , je suis au concert , ce dernier cadeau que tu m’eus fait avant que le cancer ne t’emporte
Je me suis abandonné au gré des nottes qui chatouillaient agréablement tout mes sens
Je dansais a n’en plus pouvoir , oubliant mes futiles soucis
Je te promets maman c’était un concert magnifique , j’aurais tellement souhaité que tu sois là pour l’apprécier autant que moi

Puis vint un moment où les notes se mirent à sonner faux
Des notes sourdes et répété suivit de chants stridents , un tout autre registre musical
Il s’agissait du registre que personne ne veut écouter et même ne jamais entendre parlé
Je n’eu pas compris ce qu’il ce passait maman , ces cris de joies se sont transformés en cris d’effrois
Cette magnifique mélodie s’etait faite remplacé par la mélodie de la violence et de la peur
Cette même mélodie qui se mit a se rapprocher devenant de plus forte et désagréable
Les instruments musique de mon groupe préféré s’était fait remplacer par d’autres instruments , des instruments mortels

Jusqu’à ce moment , maman tout est arrivé si vite .
Je n’eut jamais vu tel instrument d’aussi prêt , un long tube de métal creux , pointé en ma direction
Je n’eut pas peur maman ne réalisant pas ce qu’il se passait .
Alors j’entendis cette dernière note , je n’eus plus la force de chanter , je n’eus plus la force de danser , je n’eus même plus la force de tenir debout les yeux ouverts …
Maman je n’eus pas peur , je n’eus pas réalisé , mais je sais maintenant que je suis en chemin pour te rejoindre .

I’m sorry i’m almost bilingual but i couldn’t find the words that suits as well as in french … This is something i wrote for the Paris attacks .
Hope you’ll enjoy

Matt McCafferty Quick one,

‘Twas the day of delivery’

(or A Visit from the mail man)

by Matt McCafferty

‘Twas the day of delivery, when all through the house
not a top was spinning, not even 96.
The mailbox was clear and empty,
in hopes that the mailman soon would bring plenty.

When out at the mailbox there arose such a clatter,
I sprang from my couch to see what was the matter.
Away to the window I flew like a flash,
tore open the shutter, and threw up the sash.

The sun on the breast of the new-fallen snow gave the lustre of midday to objects below,
when, what to my wondering eyes should appear,
but a postal truck as I shed a tear.

Brian Keith I was thinking a thought, which I that I was thinking, and something came to mind. If leaves were blowing away from their trees and one happens to fall in the gutter would it care that it was left behind? There’s a bum on the corner who sees this and worries that he has done the same. Yet, maybe he’s only a bum for now, but destined for fortune and fame.

Kiabod Afshar I need that top,
The lust won’t stop.
That beautiful copper
Is a show stopper!

Chris Dean Rich is the man behind the lathe
Rich is the man that works like a slave
He works hard for his family, that’s what I see.
Maybe one day he can give me lessons in CNC

Jake Coy Oh thy shinny spinning thing 
Far more than your hoodrat bling  
Offering solace in incremental time 
As the minutes pass me by 
I wonder if it is all a lie 
Surely we must not obsess over trivial thoughts 
For I have found what I once sought 

Toby Pardue I own several tops,
this I cannot deny.
But if I win this one,
I’d absoluetly die.

Kris Bex Haiku are simple.
String together sounds
Meaning can not always be found.
Stadler Tops, refrigerator.

Steve Heidemann Ode to the Top

Angular momentum, some call it spin
Is what is needed to make physics win.
some geometry and an eye for art
Makes these things break my heart.
But a firm grasp and a twirl
Will send my mind a swirl
Trying to make sense
Of all the nonsense

Yi Huang This outer shell carries no gild,
This outer shell is copper filled.
Bright and composed, this copper rim,
Like a steel crown with a copper brim.
This core of steel give it an iron will.
A reflection of its maker’s skill.
It dances in circles with clarity and certainty,
As it wishes to dance for eternity.

Cris Tarr Round and round and round it turns
Where it stops, only the patient learns
You set yourself up, and let your Stadler spin
Lose track, hear the clack, and start all over again

Rich Stadler over


Congrats David Goldman!

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