May 2017 Updates & Extras


Lets try a live vid to sell some leftover stuff. I will start the vid at 11am central (20 minutes)

All live video top buyers have been contacted. Heading out to lunch then will contact the sphere buyers. Thanks again!


Last of the Spheres. These are what I have left in very small quantities:

2Color Mokume-sold out
SS-sold out
Brass-sold out
Basketweave-sold out
Titanium-sold out
copper-sold out
bronze-sold out
spiro-sold out
tungsten-sold out
3 color Mokume-sold out

All prices include shipping and stands! This is the last of them. To buy, reply with the one/ones you want. I will message you if they are still available and get you a total. Payment will be through Paypal. DO NOT send payment until I message you. Thanks all!

All sphere buyers have been contacted. Check your unread box as well as filtered. If you did not receive a message from me, that means the one you want is sold out. Thanks again all!


Just a heads up/reminder. Lindsey Wissing is still handling all customer service. I have been getting slammed with messages about tracking, shipping, addresses etc. Lindsey is the one that can help you there. Thank you for your cooperation!

New Group banner


Nabeel Sattar started a YT channel called Spinning Serenity. Check it out! Here is a link to his first vid!


Battle Tops

Battle Top Tournament video!! (might be a tad over the top but you know me  :P)

Here is the link to the FB group!


If you have not joined yet, dont miss out on this. Battle Tops! Single elimination tournament scheduled for the end of June. It will be live streamed. Join the group to see the makers builds and to catch any updates. Share with your friends!


Battle Top Vlog #1!

Fine people of BilletSPIN, the video you requested!


Sup you amazing people. I want you to stand up. Yes, I am talking to YOU!! Stand up and go find a mirror (take your phone so you can read the rest of this). Take a good long look at yourself. Maybe things are going good, maybe life just sucks right now. Maybe you are going through a struggle that you think is never going to end. Well know this, you are awesome. You are loved and everything is going to be alright. If you ever need someone to talk to, pm me. Have an awesome day



Just a FYI, unless you are Gavin Sexton, any propositioning or dirty talk to me will get you removed from BilletSPIN  🙂

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