May 2018 News

Due to a very large last minute commitment things will be a little slow for a while. I am starting to design a whistle but will be out of work for a couple weeks. I don’t want to rush this as it is our first one available to the public. I am hoping to have the design ready to release sometime in late May. After the whist

le we will be back to tops. I will keep you all posted as I know more. Stay awesome my friends¬† ūüôā

Group needs a new banner. Winner gets a free top! Aaaannnnnnnndddddddddddd GO!

Congrats Michael Kubecka! You are the winner. If I decide to use any others down the road, those people will get a free to as well. Sue Stadler send this man a top! Thanks all!!


Had¬†Juston Mars¬†put my face on Leo’s in his original titanic post he would have won BUT the winner has to go to¬†Fredrick Daypie¬†as his stuff made me laugh the most. Sorry Juston¬† ūüôĀ¬†Loved the idea, you were so close! I will be in touch Fredrick



Sue Stadler: While Rich is away, Sue will play! Gonna do a scavenger hunt in 20 minutes.

OK, FIRST ROUND of the Scavenger Hunt is: Post a pic to this thread of you with a fish. I don’t care if it’s a live fish or a dead fish but no printed pictures of fish. Has to be a fish you are physically by. This will stay open for 15 Minutes, everyone who posts a pic will be in the next round. Ends at 11:25 am Central Time.

ROUND TWO: Joshua Egger, Axel Brown, Steve Klein, Brandee Wilson, Daryl Pritchard, Doug McDannald, Jay Deshazor, Gabriel A Gonzalez, Fredrick Daypie, Bullet Roberts, Andi Obermeier, E.b. Dodge, Jordan Veal
First TEN to post a pic that is in the guidelines to this thread will move on.

Here is your next test:
Post a pic with an actual fishing pole. Again, no printed pics will be accepted. Must be a pic of you with a fishing pole. Only a real fishing pole, not a toy one.

THIRD ROUND! Time to narrow it down. I’m guessing you will need to get out and about for this one.
Joshua Egger, Axel Brown, Steve Klein, Brandee Wilson, Jay Deshazor, Gabriel A Gonzalez, Fredrick Daypie, Bullet Roberts, Andi Obermeier, E.b. Dodge
Here is your next contest:
Post a pic to this thread of you holding a spin top (doesn’t have to be a BilletSPIN top), standing next to a real boat.
First three move on to the last round!!

The winners are…
Brandee Wilson wins a Chocolate Thrust
Andi Obermeier wins a Stainless/Stainless/ Bronze Matrix
Steve Klein wins a Copper/Bronze Crown

Hope you all enjoyed this little bit of fun. Thank you for participating and being such great sports about it all.

Winners, please PM me your shipping info.


Looks like you all have been having some fun without me!! Well I got a busy weekend and then I am back! Looking forward to getting started on the next project. Have a great weekend my friends


Sue Stadler: For those of you joining us at the USN Gathering in Las Vegas Aug 30 – Sept 1, check out this pre-registration deal!


Well what’s this?

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