March 2018 News

In honor of Andrea’s birthday, since she is such a valuable part of Team BilletSPIN, we will be having a contest for a free top. Will be a Thrust or Matrix top. Andrea was nice enough to send me a throwback pic and you get to make a meme of it! Andrea gets to pick the winner tonight around 8 CST. Post your memes in this thread. Andrea Whitlock

Andrea Whitlock OVER

Andrea Whitlock If you got a number, you were one of my favorites and get an honorable mention. Michael Kubecka, you win! That was a literal LOL for me. Fordite and Texas Women were right up there in the running, though. You guys know me so well. Thank you everyone for the birthday wishes. I’m honored to be a part of the BilletSPIN family and count RichSue, and Lindsey as friends.

Sue Stadler Thanks for all the submissions friends! Those were totally awesome and so much fun to watch throughout the day! Andrea picked the SS/twist Dammy/SS Matrix as the winning top.


Hope you all amazing people have a great weekend!


GAW, this will be a huge prize. Folks, every so often in life we are given a gift. This is one of the greatest I have ever been given so I want to share it with all of you.

To enter, photoshop, meme or just plain dazzle me. Use 1 or more of these three pics. Take your time, this one will be open until fulfillment of the Evolution is over. I will pick one winner. Reply to this post with your creation to enter.

This will go down as one of the biggest GAW’s in BilletSPIN history. You can enter as many times as you like but please put some time into each entry. Leonardo took his time when painting the Mona Lisa. You have a MUCH better model than he did.


Let’s give it up for Gavin Sexton for being such a good sport!


We got it now (click to watch on FB)

Gavin and I will be doing a live vid together next week here in BilletSPIN. If you have questions, comments or topics you would like to see us talk about please respond here. Let’s have some fun with it. I will announce the date and time once we get it firmed up.


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