June 2017 Updates

I got a wonderful gift yesterday. For some reason I cannot find the name here but if you are reading this, THANK YOU. Totally unnecessary but very very cool. Thanks again,



Time to sell some stuff and give stuff away(click to watch in fb)


Let’s do this


Matrix collectors apology and list of K2’s that will be available

Perk 4 28 12 24 2 7 31 5 6 8 22 29 16 25 10 23 17 36 19 15 33 21 9


Lindsey Wissing – Rich is not here, so I’ll do my best to make an announcement like he would do: Hey yooooze, there will be a smallish amount of spin bases available for tomorrow’s launch. Don’t be blue, but their no blue. Thanks for the support, I loves yooze all, and manatees, and golf and onesies, and fast cars, and Gavin Sexton and anything Cody Mayfield makes. Howd i do????

Lindsey Wissing It was exceedingly difficult to intentionally make that many grammatical errors. Please forgive me Andrea Whitlock.


Just got back to work and found something very special waiting for me from Alpha Knife Supply. Using it to make a one of a kind. This should be amazing

 its all timascus. Very busy but I like busy  😛

but the center Timascus is mosaic timascus

17-questions, concerns, personal triumphs, whining, excitement, bored, hammertoe. Let’s chat



For those of you that don’t know, my buddy Jim Skelton has started making his own knives and is putting out some amazing stuff already! I normally don’t do much promoting but this is a special case. Jim has been an enormous help to me and BilletSPIN. Plus I know how hard it is to start a business from nothing and the risk that comes along with it. Jim is doing it right and putting out a very high quality product. In speaking with Jim, he is an amazing designer and thinks outside the box. I am so excited to watch his business grow and see the amazing creations he comes up with.

Anyways, if you are into knives or want to see what all the fuss is about, check out his new FB group.


BilletSPIN business page and update on next designs




Hey all, my inbox is full. I will not have a chance to answer anything until probably Monday. Things are a bit crazy up in here. Hope you all understand and have a wonderful weekend!


I know we are behind on some things and have a few things that need shipping and a ton of messages and emails. I apologize for the delays and promise we will work very hard on Monday to get all caught up. Have a great weekend!!


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