July 2017 News

Check this out!! It was a gift from an amazing person. Now to figure out where to hang it!


Latest video!


As of today, BilletSPIN is officially out of the ring business. That could change but I doubt it. We loved making them but just don’t have the machines available. Just wanted to give you all a heads up. We will be removing the rings tab from the website



We have had a lot of issues with USPS lately on international shipping. We are looking into ways to make this better. Not sure it can be done but we are dedicating a lot of time to it. We are checking with all the different carriers. We will NOT undervalue items as it is illegal for us to do so. There are certain rules we had to follow shipping via USPS but we are looking into any alternatives we can find.

If you are an international buyer and have had great success with certain carriers from the US please let me know here. Your input is greatly appreciated. Thank you for your continued support and know we care deeply about you!


Next BilletSpin design will be called “the dark overlord”. It just came to me  😛 rolls right off the tongue. This is just a joke, been quite the interesting day!

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