January Updates

I hope you all had a Happy New Year! I am officially back from vacation and ready to go! So much in fact I forgot we are off today but I showed up to an empty shop lol. Looks like we have made a decent amount of progress on the spheres, Christmas tops are done and shipped. Time to get caught up on some stuff and get designing the stemless top! After that will be the mini and then we get into our regular routine.

Lets make 2017 amazing and I hope you have a wonderful week. I missed yooze all!


I have been asked this a lot lately. Please do not send BilletSPIN tops to anyone to have them disassembled and then reassembled to make a different top. You could potentially take two standard tops and have them made into a one off or into a very limited top. This will royally mess up the COA system and devalue BilletSPIN tops as well as take advantage of me. I am asking you because I cannot make you do this. I have contacted the people I know that offer this service and asked them not to mix and match. I only know of a couple of instances where this has happened.

I hope you understand and I appreciate the cooperation. It means a lot. I have no issues whatsoever with deep etching or polishing or any other cosmetic work. My issues is with changing the actual material combinations.

I will be updating the pinned post and this will be covered in it. Thanks again and I hope you all have a wonderful week!



www.billetspin.com now accepts paypal and Apple Pay…


So my wife Rich N Sue Stadler is considering joining the BilletSPIN team. She is currently working at K-mart and LOVES her job. I keep telling her how much more awesome it would be to hang out with all of you instead but she needs some convincing. Help a brother out and show Sue some love.

Big news, we just ordered a new machine. This will be identical to the last one. It is the perfect machine for tops. This will allow us a lot more versatility and will help with the increasing volume. My plan this year is to make some insanely original stuff but vary the materials enough to keep the quantities of each low while increasing the numbers of each design. That is a win for everyone. This will also help with the rings (which have been doing very well). This is of course all thanks to all of you and I appreciate that more than I could ever express. It will not get here for a while so we will keep plugging away but just wanted to let you all know the good news!


Official BilletSPIN Update: I thought heavily on this last night and this morning and took into account all of this groups feedback over the last few months. Here is what we will strive for. Of course there will be circumstances that I cannot predict right now that can make us deviate slightly from this plan OCCASIONALLY 🙂

-We will be primarily using www.billetspin.com for all of our sales. As soon as I am comfortable in a design, we will put up the countdown timer on the bottom of the main page of the website. If this timer is not accurate on your computer, look at the actual launch time/date next to the timer. The actual launch time/date will always be correct and in CST(Central Standard Time). Once the countdown timer has started, we will announce it here in the group, email blast to our website subscribers, announce it on IG and hopefully have a youtube video posted.

-We will be working on limiting the more limited material combo’s to one per person. Of course there are ways around whatever we put in place but we will do our best to give this a try.

-When we make these designs, we make a small amount of extras in case of customer service issues. These extras will be sold a few different ways much later. Sports shows, etsy, this group via scavenger hunts etc. Please DO NOT ask about acquiring these extras from me outside of that. I wont do it and it will just waste both of our time.

-We will continue to use Indiegogo a few times a year. This is a great way for us to grow BilletSPIN. This helps provide job security to our employees and families.

-We will still use the SUS website for specialty designs or combo’s. These Sign up sales will run on the www.signupsale.com website and will run for over a 24 hour period minimum so people in all time zones will be able to participate if they choose. A link to the SUS will be posted in this group.

I want to make this group a fun place to hang out. I don’t want this to just be about selling tops. In order to do that I like to do things like random GAW’s, scavenger hunts, flash sales, auctions etc. I will make these items from now on, the more “available” items instead of a design like the Timascus Triskelion. I hope that makes sense. I want to try to accommodate those that cant be watching this group every second of the day. If you do end up missing something, it wont be some super rare item and more than likely you would have had a chance to purchase it through the normal channels.

I suck at communication so I hope this makes sense. I know we have a ton of new people and so if you have any QUESTIONS, here is your time. There are other posts for suggestions, lets keep this one to questions/answers that pertain to people not understanding what has been mentioned in this post. I will update the pinned post to reflect this info. If you are new to BilletSPIN, be sure to read the pinned post. It will also answer a lot of your questions.

Sorry for the long post, thanks for all you do and make sure you have a great rest of the week!



Christopher Bathgate

Hey everyone, finally got my new art book together and I of course included a little section about Rich Stadler and our little top collaboration. thanks for those of you who contributed images for this section

I am still awaiting the final proofs to come in the mail before I update the book store and my website, but I thought it would be nice to offer advanced copies to everyone who follows my work.

Many of you have requested signed copies of previous editions, so I thought that as part of the pre-launch, I would offer signed copies, as well as a slightly discounted price to those of you who would like to pre-order the book now.

Keep in mind this is a self published small quantity book so the pricing will reflect the scale of the project.
(If I get enough sign ups, I may be able to discount the price further.)

Since I will be running this sale myself and processing will not go through Blurb (the POD publisher), I will need to set up a pre-order form like I have been doing with the small editions. So if you are interested in getting a copy at the introductory rate, click the link below and fill in the form.


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