Gen 2 & 3 Spin Bases

Spin based are here!

Here are some crappy cellphone pics is the spin bases. Here the YT video on them as well:


Due to the logo imperfections on the white bases, I will be selling them for $80 instead of $90. This is for the white bases only.

Just got some very minor scuffs on the outer edge after three tosses

Shipping will be $10 domestic and $20 International on the spin bases and will be double boxed.


I will have some of each color of the spin bases (White, green, amber and blue) when my next shipment arrives. Hoping in the next few weeks! Let me know if you have any questions!

5 greens left, everything else is sold out until the next shipment arrives!


All spin bases have shipped unless your order was placed this weekend. All Indiegogo tops will ship by the end of the day on Thursday at the latest.

Exotic combo #10 will launch at noon central tomorrow (5/31) and will be a limited quantity, first come first serve with no limit on how many one person can order. I will be doing the video for it later today. These will be sold


Official info post about October 4th release! Here is what will be going up for sale on at noon central:

-Gen 2 and 3 spin bases in Green, amber, blue and white $90
-Bronze/copper/bronze Thrusts in 2 finish variations $150
-Zirc/timascus/zirc Triskelions $300
-Zirc/Zirc/polished SS Matrix $350

Shipping will be $5 domestic and $15 international USPS or $35 DHL

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