First New Top of 2016 Info

Update: I know you all are anxious (hopefully). I am going to call this now and say the next order thread will be up between 1/20-1/22. It will be for a brand new design, two piece top with copper, bronze and SS options for both collar and stem.

Price will be $130 plus $5 domestic and $10 international shipping. THIS IS NOT AN ORDER THREAD

I will leave that order thread up for several days and EVERYONE that orders will get a top! So those that were worried, you can see now you don’t have to be.

This top will have some milling. I want to come out swinging for 2016 and I am already working hard on the design.

I will not be doing any payment window. Due to the new arrangement this is no longer possible. Immediate payment only.

If you have any questions, please ask now. Please do not clog this particular thread up with design suggestions 😀


Ok, one more post if you are new and looking to order the next top. Here is what you need to do:

1) make sure you have a Paypal account ready to go
2) relax😀 It will all be explained in the order thread. I have done this many times and it is a very easy process for you. You will get a top, I promise!
3) check the group between the 20th-22nd to watch for the order thread. It will probably be the top post in the group for those days.

Have a great weekend!

Let’s try this again! Help me publicize the first top of 2016 by inviting your friends to the group. If we can get 2500 people in the group by 1/20 I will give away 5 free tops of the first design. So invite your friends, spread the word through all social media. I need your help! We can do it 😄


Less than two weeks… Who’s ready?? Btw, I had to bench Spike but for a good reason. New design is complete and I am ordering tooling today from Florida so that I know it is all ready when I get back! I will have the prototypes done and The order thread up on the 22nd at the latest and leave it up all weekend. Then I will start making YOUR tops on that following Monday. I will try to get some good photos along the way. I was really excited to get back until my sister just sent me a pic of -5 temps in her car riding into work 😋


Just stopped in at work. Getting all the changes underway. I will start setting up tomorrow and am hoping to have the design completed on Thursday. I will then get some nice pictures and post up the order thread. I ordered some special tooling to machine a design element I have never done before. Once I get a accurate cycle time and some material assortments completed I will post up the official order thread.

We are going to run the stemless versions through the website so we can work out any kinks.

Also, I got in a short chunk of Damascus and a tried a new supplier for ruby balls. I will try making a few of this design using the Damascus and ruby balls. I am hoping to get 5 good ones. They will cost more but will come with limited edition cards and possibly special packaging. Keep an eye out!

I will get creative on selling the Damascus ones. smile emoticon

Well since there will be so few I am thinking of copying Mitch and do a scavenger hunt picture deal.

I will not be adding rubies as an option for the regular run.

I hope I was clear. I will make all the orders with my standard material options and I will try to make 5 out of Damascus with ruby ball. Those will be coming after the production run.

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