Fidget Balls

Just got an idea! Forget R&D, I am making it…today. Oh man!!

We will be putting these on the website tonight. Calling them Fidget Balls. We will start with Bronze. $25 plus shipping. I am getting 30 seconds to 2 minutes every time.

fidget-balls-01 fidget-balls-02

Yo, I finally love Super Conductor!!


I will try to make these available tonight too since we got a few interested

Check this out!

Going to make some Timascus fidget balls tomorrow. $175 plus shipping. Let me know if you would be interested and I will make that amount for the website


So the fidget balls will start shipping Monday and we should be caught up Tuesday or Wednesday at the latest. If you are interested but want a different material reply here. I am doing a limited amount of Timascus already.

Ugh, just got to work and checked our material inventory. Almost out of timascus. I will get on Alpha Knife supplies website and buy as much as I can. So sorry about that! I am thinking just adding Stainless Steel for today and I will work on getting other exotics in as soon as I can. Sorry for the poor communication and getting your hopes up. If you want these in before Christmas, go with bronze, Superconductor or SS.

Someone say SS?


SC running WILD!

I believe we are down to one Superconductor fidget balls.

Stay tuned for the tri-ball and uni-ball. I have always wanted to make a 1.25″ diameter timascus ball. The tri ball should be a great spinner. All three variations will do completely different things. Fun stuff

Timascus uni-ball progress


Yo!! That’s cool and HUGE!

fidget-balls-06 fidget-balls-07

Second one


Who’s in lol? I got to keep a set of these


SS BilletSPIN Fidget Balls and the Timascus Uni-ball will be up in about an hour on the billetspin website. Fidget Balls are $25 and the 1.25″ Timascus Uni-ball is $375 for each ball. I will make other exotics but they will be 1″ and a little cheaper.




I can spin this on the 4″ K9 with zero issues at all as far as clearance. The smaller balls only hit in the initial spin

Tri-ball is live in SS only for now.

Flame on!

the bottom does not get flamed as much to create a color variation. Works pretty good!

So cool

Check it out!


Here you go Matt McCafferty


lets try this again. WATCH the video before commenting



These are made and will ship the day you order or the following day


17 Super Conductor Fidget Balls will be added today at noon central as well

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