February 2018 News

Very exciting things happening in BilletSPIN land 

Ok all made more progress. We will be doing a live vid tonight on YT to go over wave 3 and spin bases. This will be another “more official” attempt to work out the bugs in the new live vid software. Vid will start at 7pm central. I believe you can only comment if you have an account but if not you can still watch.


Sue Stadler: Exciting news!!
We will be in Vegas for the USN Gathering. And we will be trying to figure out a get together in the area at that time. Is Aug 31 – Sept 2.


Busy day yesterday getting more lighting for the live video set up. Made a lot of progress and learned a lot about the software. Thank you for the amazing support of the Pandora! It is now in second place for total standard material sales and we still have the 4th wave and people’s choice!

Thanks again and have a wonderful weekend. I am going ice fishing today for walleyes. If I get any I will post a pic or two. Been a long week working in the studio so I need a little break.


Sue Stadler: That address though….😆😂😆


Sue Stadler: Customer Appreciation Day!
You are welcome….



I have never loved her more

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