ETSY Store

UPDATE: In an effort to reach more people, BilletSPIN has started its own Etsy store. The good news is that you can pay with paypal there. For the launch, we are putting a smaller quantity of Rotor tops in the store. These will just be the popular standard materials. No damascus will be offered on Etsy. For those that prefer paypal, only the ones you see on Etsy are available through there. Please don’t message us looking to put other variations there.

For future designs, we will set aside a certain amount for the Etsy store and a certain amount for the website. I will also have the very seldom FB sale. I have found out that there are a ton of people that are interested in tops but are not on FB. This will give us a chance to reach them. I hope this all makes sense! Here is a link to the store:

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