Design your own TOP

Please read everything before posting!!

Let’s have some fun. Here is your chance to be a designer. Reply to this post with your top idea. Preferably with a pic. You can only submit ONE idea. This means only one reply to the main post.

This is complicated so read carefully. I don’t want any “sub” replies until Sunday night when I say so. At that point I will reply and not allow any new entries after that. Also at that point I want everyone to “sub” reply to their favorite idea. You only get one vote. Your reply can just say “yes”

The person that gets the most replies will be the head designer in their top that I will make and name after them. That person will also get a free top. If the idea is really crazy I will have to put a rough price on it before the voting begins so people know how much they would have to pay for it. Stay away from exotic materials smile emoticon DO NOT reply to this thread with questions. I will start another post for that.

You can edit your entry until the deadline on Sunday night! Good luck!!

For those entering the design contest. Remember and pockets get milled out with a round tool. You cannot have any sharp inside corners. Please look at all my tops and see what I am talking about. This is the biggest issue non-machinist don’t understand. It needs to be allowed for in your design. So I you want a car rim you better really look close at my previous tops to see what is possible! 


[entries posted here]


And the winner is Jason Hosking! Jason, I will be in touch once the Alpha is up and running!

Jason Hosking Been toying with designs for awhile now. This is one of many but my favorite so far:) The idea was inspired from a Bugatti wheel I saw. If chosen I’d want the metal combos to be two tone only. Also would want to stick with Rich’s traditional metal choices: Stainless, Copper, Bronze, Brass, Etc.

BS design contest winner

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