Deathstar Bead Contest

While we are waiting for the website let’s have some fun. If you are interested in the Death Star bead for $125 plus shipping here is your chance. I have one with brass and Damascus. I will do a scavenger hunt tournament. I will eliminate people each round until there is only one person left.

So for this round I will take the first 5 people that can post up a picture of any top spinning upside down. No trick photos, the top has to be spinning on its stem

BS bead 01-07

Trenton MasonBS bead 01-C-01

John D’ohBS bead 01-C-02

Edmundo E. CarreonBS bead 01-C-03

Ray DiazBS bead 01-C-04

Jay-Krishan ChakrabortyBS bead 01-C-05

Round two, I will take the first 4 entries from those that made it past round one. Post up a pocket dump

Jay-Krishan ChakrabortyBS bead 01-C-06

John D’ohBS bead 01-C-07

Ray DiazBS bead 01-C-08

Trenton MasonBS bead 01-C-09

Ok, round three for those that made it past round two. I take the first three. Post up a photo of your favorite billetspin top

Trenton MasonBS bead 01-C-10

Jay-Krishan ChakrabortyBS bead 01-C-11

John D’ohBS bead 01-C-12

round four, first two to enter that made it past round three. Post up a pic of the outside right now. You have to take the photo

Jay-Krishan ChakrabortyBS bead 01-C-13

Trenton MasonBS bead 01-C-14

And then there was two. First one to post that made it past round 4 wins! Post up a pic of the very first one of a kind top I ever made. What made this top different was the material and the clue was that is was copper over Titanium. I know this will take some time. You only get one entry guys. If it is too hard I will pick another but I think it is easy to track down. GO

Ok you guys, for the win, this is only for the two that made it past the first 4 rounds. Post up a pic of a copper billetspin Pro

Jay-Krishan ChakrabortyBS bead 01-C-15

Congrats Jay-Krishan Chakraborty!

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