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Big news, I started our own Youtube channel. I think it will be a better way to help answer a lot of questions and go through the new designs more thoroughly. Bare with me, this is out of my comfort zone but as I learn the camera and get used to doing them they will improve. I will not be using the old channel I used to post on anymore so please subscribe and lets make it as awesome as it can be!

Here is the link to the first video, I hope you enjoy it!


SUS GAW: To enter, just subscribe to the new Youtube Channel and reply “in” to this post:

If you have subscribed already, than you can enter. Prize is a leftover Timascus bushing. .4″ diameter x .6″ long with 1/4″ hole. Free of charge! I will do a RNG on Monday morning. Thanks and good luck!



Here is a new video I just uploaded about how I design and program our products. Sorry for the background noise, all part of a machine shop 😀┬áHope you enjoy it!

Did it all make sense? I tried to explain it in non-machinist terms as best I could.


I just uploaded a new video to our channel that goes through the different materials I use or plan on using on future tops. I am still working on the right lighting combination and set-up but I think it gets the info across. Let me know what you think!

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