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Due to a very large last minute commitment things will be a little slow for a while. I am starting to design a whistle but will be out of work for a couple weeks. I don’t want to rush this as it is our first one available to the public. I am hoping to have the design ready to release sometime in late May. After the whistle we will be back to tops. I will keep you all posted as I know more. Stay awesome my friends  🙂


Just getting started. This will be 3 pieces. It is LOUD. 3 sound chambers…

This is just the mouthpiece. The body will have a hole for a keychain

Prototype Whistle. This will be three pieces. You are just looking at the mouthpiece. The body will have a lanyard/keyring hole. The plan is to make the mouthpiece and body interchangeable. If all goes well you can buy one mouthpiece and put it on any body. The bodies will be made from a variety of materials.

This has 3 sound chambers and is crazy loud. Like hurt your ears loud. The nice thing is that you dont have to blow very hard to get it to whistle. I will keep you updated as I make progress. As of now I have no idea about pricing or when this will be available but I am hoping in the next few weeks.

I wanted to do something original and I have not seen anything quite like this before! Hope you all like it so far. Lots of changes will be made as I finish prototyping though.

this is not going to be top related in any way


Whistle time! (click to view on FB)

We will trick the body out so no worries but making more progress! Should have the second end of the body done today so they screw together 

It fits, it’s loud. Now to make it look cool 


Progress!! I figured out how to adjust the tone 🙂 this will open up some possibilities

Warning!!! I blow the whistle  😛

I am very very close now 

dang I am having fun doing this! I love making stuff and learning new things. Really looking forward to some feedback on these!

lil Timascus before I head out

Better pics! have a great weekend all!

tone is set and I am happy with it. I will try a high tone for one chamber and see how I like that.

Tone does not change based on how hard you blow.

Cleaning will be simple, just unscrew it and was in dish soap or windex.

Maybe a few more blows


BilletSPIN Whistle update:

I will get current pictures and a video up this week of the whistle. I ordered peas but they are not here yet so I am not sure of the effect. I will also try varying the tone for one of the chambers and keep you posted. If that works, it will not affect the pricing and both variations will be offered.

Mouthpiece will be $40 plus shipping and will NOT whistle by itself.

Each order will only have one shipping cost assigned to it. If you place separate orders, shipping will have to paid in each. We are working on different packaging but for now, plan on them coming in a bubble bag.

Body will also be $40 plus shipping for Stainless Steel, Copper, Brass or Bronze. I will be making samples this week and if I have issues with any of these particular materials I will not use them. Hopefully there are no issues.

These will go up for sale starting this Friday ( at noon central and the sale will last one week. As of now, all mouthpieces will be made of SS due to blowing on it. Bodies will be offered in exotics for a much higher $$ amount later. If this goes well I may offer these again, meaning I am not retiring the design like I do with tops.

If down the road I modify the design, the connection will remain the same. This means if you own the current version of the mouthpiece, it will fit any future body I make.

If you have any questions let me know! Thanks for your interest and support of BilletSPIN.

Rich Stadler


Live video unveiling tomorrow (5/23) on the Billetspin YouTube channel at 2pm CDT.

BilletSPIN’s first whistle! Hope you can make it!!


Whistle measured 120 decibels at 6’ from meter. Higher tone was 118. Hope that’s good cause I still can’t hear right after giving it 100% lol

 I am done testing. It’s loud!

Don’t forget the live video unveiling of our first whistle on the BilletSPIN Youtube channel today at 2pm cdt!

7 minutes! Very curious how this one does. I am very happy with how they turned out and hope you love them too!!


Official BilletSPIN Whistle information post:

-Sales start May 25th noon CDT
-Unlimited sales over 7 days
-SS mouth piece $40 plus shipping
-SS/Cu/Brass bodies $40 plus shipping
-two groove body lower pitch, three groove body higher pitch
-little over 2″ in length
-30g or less assembled
-.54″ in diameter
-according to my meter, my whistle produced around 120 decibels 6 feet from meter.

Connection system will remained unchanged through generations making all future designs interchangeable with this generation. Exotic bodies will be offered in the future. This design is NOT discontinued after this sale!! Let me know if you have any questions.

These are LOUD but can be blown softly. BilletSPIN is not responsible for any hearing loss you may incur. We do not recommend these for children.


4 hours to whistle time!!

Just a heads up, I have no idea when I will be making mouth pieces again. They may or may not be offered when I sell bodies next so you might want to pick one up even if you are not buying a body

Another shorter whistle video:

7 minutes! Very curious how this one does. I am very happy with how they turned out and hope you love them too!!

Short vid with both bodies blown! Caution, its loud.


Wow, whistles are waaaaaaaay beyond expectations! Thank you for the amazing support!! I can’t wait for you all to get them. This is going to be a very fun and ever growing project. Thanks again for being part of it


Whistles are running great!! Mouth pieces will be caught up to sales soon and just need polishing. Bodies have been running well. Should have everything shipped at the end of next week at the earliest! Don’t forget these are still available on the website until noon cdt this Friday. Thanks again for being a part of this project, means a lot!!


Whistle sale ends today at noon cdt!!

Folks I say this a lot but wow. You almost tripled what my expectations were for this first release of the BilletSPIN whistle. I cannot thank you enough for your continued support. From myself, my family, our employees, thank you. We will start shipping later next week! Have a fantastic weekend,



BilletSPIN update: Whistles will ship this week. I got some titanium in for both mouth piece and body but I am not sure it will work well on the mouth piece so wish me luck. I ordered a bunch of mokume, timascus and damascus for the bodies and that will be here in a few months. I am going to be making some bodies in different finishes all throughout June. I will keep you updated on how things are going. Once July comes I am making the next top! Thats all I know for now, have a great week all!!


All whistles have shipped!!


Titanium body machined well. Titanium mouth piece is doable but I will not make them as the price would be way too much for me to charge. There is just too much intricate machining on it. I will be offering the SS mouthpiece with a Ti pin though. You can expect a new whistle release in the next two weeks with completely different options than the first release.

Future Entrepreneur in da house!


Crazy week folks but I got time. Seems to be some struggling with the whistle so live video to talk about it in 30 minutes

Let’s talk whistles (click to watch on FB)



Whistle body progress. We will have a ton of new body options available this Friday at noon central on Pics coming tomorrow!


This Friday’s Whistle release!

Mouth Pieces
-SS with flamed Titanium Pin-$45
-SS with SS pin-$40

Blasted SS-$40
Treated SS (brown)-$50
Polished Titanium-$60
Blasted and flamed Titanium (blue)-$70
Polished and Flamed Titanium-$70
Treated mokume-$75

Mokume bodies are very limited. All the rest including mouthpieces are preorder and sale will run 24 hours and we will make as many as are ordered!

These will be released on on Friday noon CDT (6/15)

Two groove bodies are same lower pitch as original release and three groove is higher pitch. Let me know if you have any questions!


Whistle release TODAY!! Noon CDT Tons of cool options that may or may not ever be offered again! 24 hour sale on everything other than the mokume, those are very limited.


Good morning my favorite people! Hope you have an amazing day. Timascus got whistles is here. Twist Damascus will be here in one week. I think we will run these sales separately as otherwise the machines would be down. I will include some mouthpieces as well. Timascus Body sale will start Friday noon and last until Monday morning 7am cdt.

Actual machining on the prototype of the new top design will begin late next week and I am thinking 6 weeks from now we will start the Indiegogo if all goes well!

Oh baby Alec Stadler nailed some cool Timascus colors for Friday’s release. Pics coming tomorrow, just ran out of time today.

Almost forgot, all whistles from last Friday’s release will be shipped tomorrow!


This Friday’s Whistle release!

Mouth Pieces
-SS with flamed Titanium Pin-$45
-SS with SS pin-$40

2 color mokume-$65

24 hours sale! Unlimited for the duration of the sale.

These will be released on on Friday noon CDT (6/22). Shipping will be completed next week!

Two groove bodies are same lower pitch as original release and three groove is higher pitch. Let me know if you have any questions!

less than 4 hours until timascus and 2 color mokume whistle bodies go live on 24 hour sale! Hope you all are having a great day

Timascus and mokume whistles are live!


Important update!!!

I screwed up and we oversold on Timascus whistle bodies. AKS to the rescue but it looks like the balance will not ship until mid next week. If this is an issue with anyone and you want to cancel your order I understand and just let Sue Stadler know. I apologize and appreciate your patience. I will keep you all posted. I will be shipping everything we have this week. We have enough for 50% of the orders of timascus so it was a bad mistake. The rest of the materials we are fine on. If you have any questions let me know!


BilletSPIN Whistle release! This is the last one for a long time.

-Twist damascus body (2 and 3 groove)-$90
-Zirc Body (2 and 3 groove)-$70
-SS with flamed Titanium Pin-$45
-SS with SS pin-$40

These will go up on on August 10th noon central! Two groove bodies are same lower pitch as original release and three groove is higher pitch. Let me know if you have any questions!


Whistle blowers got one hour


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