BilletSPIN Design/Build Process

[In response to question about his process]

So one thing I have learned is that we all have different tastes. I like the complex shorter spinners that are milled like the Kraken but the Torch to which is very basic got a lot of love. So first I pick the style and price. Some of that will depend on time. My first top back will be a more basic two piece as I need to make a lot to meet the current demand.

now that I know that, I start thinking about design. Every day I look around for top ideas. I see things in the world. Shapes and patterns that I can use. I also search on google images. I just look for inspiration. I try to just get basic theme. Once I have that I will either start programming on a machine or lay it out in a simple 2D cad like draftsight.

I make sure I have enough materials and then start setting up the machines. I usually set-up the stems first. I program and run the simulation until I am happy with the design. Then I move onto setting up the 1st end of the collar. Same process. Then set-up the final machine. Meanwhile I have started the order thread here. Once up, I get about 6-10 messages and posts per minute lol.

Now I get the first top off the machine which I am never happy with. So the tweaks begin and Aaron Jordan has already sent 52 messages begging for the prototypes. I tweak and tweak which can take several hours. Now it is late Friday night and I got the first top officially done. Here comes the most nerve racking part. The spin to make sure it does not wobble

If it does, I am in for a long night. If not, I run a bunch and head home or the night. My sister has begun packaging for shipping. We come in early saturday morning. 10 people have changed their minds about material combinations so we have to message them explaining we have already packaged up their top. Next we have to contact those that have not provided a current address or have not paid or let us know when they plan on paying. A spread sheet is created documenting everything

I am making tops this entire time by looking at what people on the order thread are wanting. But of course they are constantly editing their choices. Some want to message and talk which I love to do but am slammed. I try to accomodate as best I can. Keeping up with questions and order changes is crazy hard to do. My sister and I are stressed to the max come noon on saturday. By mid after noon I am wiped and stressed and smell like a garbage dumpster. We still have 15-20% of people that have not given us the correct info.

I have what appears to be all the orders filled and have a few extra and some wobblers. I sell them off. We shut down for the day and we NEVER work on Sunday. I try to get all the info from everyone and we ship the rest on Monday after work. Now comes the hard part. Keeping up with all the people that take advantage of the two week payment window. ugh. It is very hard for so many reasons but something I love to do and I know it is appreciated. I get a constant barage of messages from people that missed out or still try to change their orders. I do the best I can.

Now the tops start being delivered. I love the pics! I get the occasional CS issue I resolve but it is difficult because I have zero extra. I don’t even keep any for myself. Now I just start thinking about the next design and it has come full circle!

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