BilletSPIN Update

In a two week period I will have made about 1000 tops. They are haunting my dreams. When I look at my wife’s face all I see is a big bearing ball. If she does a ballerina twirl soon I will really freak out. When my kids stand next to each other all I see is three BilletSPINS resting in the home.

I need a Calgon Bubble Bath lol 😀┬áThank you all for your support and encouragement. The Kickstarter project never would have been this successful if it were not for you all. Thank you for the shares and the kind messages. This is a great group and I am honored to be a part of it. Now have an awesome weekend!! -Rich-

Here is what 500 rainbow BilletSPINS look like

BS1-01 BS1-02 BS1-03 BS1-04 BS1-05 BS1-06

I wanted to lay them all out for a nice picture but I just don’t have the time



BS1-07 BS1-08 BS1-09 BS1-10 BS1-11


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