Bead #3 “PC”

Bead design #3. Thoughts before I make one out of damascus? 

BS bead 03-01 BS bead 03-02 BS bead 03-03 BS bead 03-04

this one is .5″ diameter, .6″ long and .25″ hole 

BS bead 03-05

Ok, so I made a Damascus over SS now. 

BS bead 03-06 BS bead 03-07 BS bead 03-08

I wont make a copper outside. Patina and damage. Stuff is too soft. It would look cool when new though 

bead #3 in Damascus over SS and Damascus over copper.

I cannot get rid of the tooling marks. That and the fact I love them smile emoticon My stuff is not molded. I like seeing how something is made. I understand that some don’t and that is ok. Glass bead blasting is a cool look too but I don’t have one. 

This one has a crazy cycle time. In fact it takes as long as the main operation of the Kraken.


BS bead 03-09
Damascus over SS. This one has a chamfer on one end where the normal run will not. I have just one and the first “in” gets it. $130 shipped .5″ OD x .6″ long x .25″ hole. #billetspin #edcbead #lanyardbead
mikeynike187 In


Keep an eye out. I will hopefully have a surprise this morning!

BS bead 03-10

Ok all, I am going to be making up a few of the all Timascus beads (left one) and putting them on the website ( on Thursday. $175 each. Just a heads up. No clue what time, first come first serve. They will be in the EDC Gear tab

Just posted the bead on the right to IG if anyone was interested in it. It is 001 of 001 never to be duplicated. 3 hour auction

BS bead 03-11

Auction for 001 of 001! Comes with COA. Ends at 9:00pm tonight central (just over three hours from when this is posted). Damascus over Timascus. 1/2″ diameter x .600″ overall and 1/4″ hole. Bidding starts at 0 and $5 minimum bid increment. 5 minute anti snipe. I will ship tomorrow! #billetspin #edc2016 #edc2016 #edcbead #edcbeads #lanyardbead #lanyardbeads #beadlife #everydaycarry

subohmcarry Not sure if running it or wants it… 400

A better look. These will be going on the website possibly later today or else tomorrow. I will post here once they are up.

BS bead 03-12

there will be 20 of this version total at $175 each and it should be up today for sure

small family photo to show the different variation of color

BS bead 03-13

Timascus beads are going live on now


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