Bead #2 “GL”

BS bead 02-08

Bead #2 design. Will be showing up on in the next few weeks. Check out the Billetspin FB group for more details! #edcbead #billetspin #everydaycarry #edcporn #edcgear #edc #pocketdump #knifecommunity

Bead #2

BS bead 02-01 BS bead 02-02 BS bead 02-03 BS bead 02-04

No auction for this one 😀

I am thinking about putting ruby balls in the 4 holes

this is a prototype

not selling at the moment

I got one more coming but not today

I am dreading programming that one

If you all like that second one I could do a small run just for you guys out of my regular materials. That one will be $100 for the regular materials and $115 for the damascus. I can do copper, brass and SS for the materials. Post in if you would be interested. I will cover shipping this time and all I ask is that you help me get the word out that I am making beads 😀 If there is enough interest I will make them tomorrow and thursday. These would be just the standard materials, no damascus

Just in case you wanted to see a SS over copper…

BS bead 02-05 BS bead 02-06 BS bead 02-07


Official order thread. I don’t have a lot of time so I am just offering this design in Stainless Steel over copper. Dimensions are .65″ OD x .6″ long x .25″ hole. Price is $100 plus $5 domestic and $10 international. I will leave this up for about 6 hours then it will be closed.

To order:

1) pay total to PayPal
2) reply “in” to this post
3) message me the address you want it shipped to

Keep this thread to orders only. Thanks all!

BS bead 03-08


made a few more variations.

BS bead 02-09


These will be going live on the site today.

These are the GL beads and I changed the design slightly to make it pop more. Hope you like them! There will be 20 of each. $125 per bead plus shipping.

BS bead 02-10 BS bead 02-11 BS bead 02-12

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