April 2018 News

Auction! This is to help out a local friend but not considered a good cause auction. The auction is for one of the two options below:

1) A one off material combo chosen from materials I have available of any design after the Evolution. Must let me know while the design is being produced. Will come with a COA

2) two tops of any offered material combos of any design after the Evolution. Must let me know while the design is being produced and you don’t have to use both certificates on the same design.

You will have one week to pay after auction ends. Auction will end in 18 hours ( noon central Sunday)

Thanks all!!


Thanks guys, really appreciate the bids. This will already be a huge help

Ron Bates 1200

Over! Thank you all so much! Congrats Ron Bates!!


I am getting the format down on the live video’s with a guest. Weather up here still sucks so I have a little time later each day this week. Reply with who you would love to see me chat with in a live vid. No interview, just two people hanging out and interactive with those watching.

I am thinking more of a prominent person in the community.


Ok all, today is the day. We have an announcement today at noon CDT that will be done via live video here in BilletSPIN. Once the video is done I will make an official post about it here and on the business page. Don’t miss it, I think this is good stuff 

At 1:00CDT I will be doing a meet the maker/collector in PTT featuringDrPhil Gandini.

www.billetspinchat.com being launched today! Let’s discuss what this means to you   (clikc to watch on FB)


Sue Stadler: GAW going on at www.billetspinchat.com Check it out!


Winner of the Meme contest will be announced this week. Greatest…thread…ever

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