Alpha Spin contest

Just a heads up, there will be a spin competition posted this week yet for Alpha Top owners. Winners will get a free top of a future design… Contest will run a few weeks.

I will post the rules when I post the competition thread

With the success of the Alpha, I will be generous 😀


ALPHA SPIN CONTEST! Longest Spin wins. Contest will pay out top two places for both stemmed and stemless. Winner gets to choose ANY design I make in 2016 other than an Elite top. Second place in each category will get a one off Alpha top. I just happened to have two smile emoticon


1) unlimited entries
2) must post a full length video of the spin from start to finish and post it to the Billetspin group. Video can be a link from youtube.
3) no assisted spins
4) Video must include a timer that is visable throughout entire video.
5) Due to international shipping I am going to let this run one month. Contest ends on 2/29.

Any video that does not meet the criteria will be immediately deleted.

SPECIAL PRIZE: make me laugh. You got time while that top is spinning, make it entertaining and you could win. I will choose the one that made me laugh the most and that winner will receive a surprise gift from me.

Lets have some fun with this one. Good luck!!


WINNERS of the Alpha spin contest are:

Stemmed- 1st place Joseph Pol Sebastian Gocong 17:35
2nd place Andy Brothers 16:25

Stemless- 1st place Jason Blume 14:09
2nd place Brandon Lawrence 10:37

Creative/made me laugh- Boby Hon!

Great job all. I will be messaging you shortly!

I think the two winners should send Brian Keith a thank you card for not entering lol

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