400 Member GAW

400 members!! WOW, giveaway time!! Let’s have some fun with this one BUT please keep it clean. Remember, my kids are on here 😀

To enter, post a selfie. Now everyone that posts a selfie is in the contest for the regular prize (winner picked by random number generator) BUT the one that posts the best selfie gets the grand prize! I will be the judge for that 😀

Prizes, well they are a secret but you will not be disappointed. Contest runs for one week so 11/12. One entry per person.

Thanks for all the support, this has been a crazy year 😀

Oh, the grand prize will be the biggest thing I have ever given away so do your best!


Congrats to Zane Kampton! You are the random number winner and get a free top of the next design!

Now for the grand prize. One free of each of of the next three tops I make!!

We have a three way tie. I cannot decide a winner so we will have to do a tie breaker. They are:

Sean Wilson


Brian Keith


Joaquin A. Ortiz


There will be two rounds of the tie breaker. First round, I need all three of you to message me a number between one and ten. Which ever two is closest to my number move onto the final round. Sean WilsonBrian Keith Joaquin A. Ortiz

The number was 10 so Joaquin A. Ortiz and Brian move on to the final round. Winner will be decided with rock, paper scissors. Message me your choice

Rock/paper. Paper wins! Congrats Joaquin A. Ortiz!!

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