4 Coins Update, Photo Contest, Next design

Ok all, big week!

1st, Jordan should get the stemless tops for anodizing tomorrow. Here is the plan, we are going to start with a SUS here on this page. The SUS will be for 2 sets (all four designs). So sign up and if your name is picked you will be able to buy one set before anyone else and there will be two winners chosen. After that we will have individual SUS’s for each design to sell them out. This gives everyone a chance. I am thinking the first SUS will be Tuesday night or Wednesday and the individual SUS’s will follow immediately after.

2nd, The photo contest will end this coming Wednesday at noon central time. I will pick my favorite photo and that person gets a free top of the design I am working on now.

3rd, I am starting on my next design. I doubt I will finish it this week so plan on next week. This is the 1000 member GAW I participated in. I am not going to post any progress pics of this one but I will keep you posted on how it is going. I am hoping to have these done on around 9/3-9/5. This will be one of if not my most complicated design yet and that is why it will take so long for me to finish it. I will make a post about it with more details later this week!

I hope you all have an amazing day!

I can also tell you the 4 stemless designs with Jordan will be $125 plus shipping but my new design for next week will be $150 plus shipping due to the amount of work put into it. Hope that helps budget for those interested!

Just got a video from Jordan of the finished product. Speechless, they look even better than I imagined. He is going to get some good pics and I will get them up tomorrow! Wow wow wow

Good Morning! I can also tell you the two sets are different from one another. Meaning every one of these will be unique. Some are darker, some lighter but all look amazing to me. All I got was a choppy FB video and it was enough to make it hard to sleep last night! So pumped, Come on Jordan!!

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