Top #46 “Vanguard”

Some progress! The body of this top is a design I have been stewing in for years. It’s time 😊

super early in the process


Starting to work on the body for this top now. I have always wanted to do the prong/claw on the stem side so you know what, I’m going to 🙂 pics to come once I get something worth taking a pic of. Designing everything on the machine as I go. Wish me luck

I like where this is heading!

Getting Closer, what do you think?!

I got the next design element planned but needed to order tooling. Should be here tomrrow


Let’s talk new top, short vid, better hurry

More tweaking needed but I like the way it’s going

Getting closer…again

way to go FB lol. I will upload it to IG also so you can see it in better quality

some pics


99% sure the top part of the top is done. Lots of minor tweaks. Added symmetry to both body patterns, shortened stem, added small radius in the prong corners, changed inside chamfer length so milling pattern is elongated, improved prong finish, made stem diameter before the ball smaller to accentuate curves and added length to body so I can get freaky on the second end 😊


New machine day! It’s first job will be running the bottom end of the new top. Our smallest CNC ever!

Gavin is all settled in. Mazak should be up tomorrow to install him and he should be making parts yet this week! I did have to order some holders as it did not come with the normal amount we get with a new machine. I will get a video of him working later this week!

This thing is awesome lol. Sooooo tiny

Our biggest machine is 52,000lbs this one is… 4,500lbs lol


Lots of tweaks needed on the bottom but the Vanguard spins like a dream 😊


About to get started, lots of tweaks happening. Goal is to get a Vanguard done early afternoon and get some pics of it today! Price for standard materials will be $125. I got a lot of exotic materials I plan on using for this one! Hoping to get sales rolling in a week or two. Shooting for 15 combos total.

BilletSPIN Vanguard!

-2pc top with carbide bearing balls on each end
-$125 plus shipping for standard materials on up for exotics
-around 15 material combo’s will be available
-will be available starting in a week or two
-.98″ in diameter
-All SS weighs 29g and spins around 7 minutes for me


Need input

Making tops with pointy things…


Go go Vanguard! Just waiting for Gavin to finish the bottoms

Gavin is the name of the tiny lathe we just bought

I would never poke fun. The machine is a beast and thats why I named it Gavin. Nothing says MAN like this machine

I think I will do 24 hour sales for the standard versions of the Vanguards. I “might” even split some exotic releases, one at noon and one at midnight. We deeply value our international customers and think this might be a good way to take care of them. We can schedule them but the only problem is that if there is a issue, we will be sound asleep. I would love to hear your thoughts on this.

I will post pics of any combo’s I know about. You will all know what I know. Thats the best I can offer

Due to my old source for Rubies not selling them anymore, I had to use another source. Due to the price of them, the Vanguard with a ruby in the stem will cost $5 more than the ceramic. Beside the cost of the ruby itself, we have to hold a much tighter tolerance in the bore so the ruby does not crack.

Besides Ruby, we will be offering black ceramic as well as white ceramic bearing balls in the stem. As of right now, I doubt I will offer carbide in the back of the stem as I don’t like how it raises the COG. Ceramic/ruby is very light. If you plan on spinning the vanguard upside down, do NOT buy the ruby.


Just made this CuW/Ti Vanguard and checking it for spin time and to see how bad the flutter is.

Here it is at the end of the spin. It will have a ball in the end of the stem, this was just for testing. It will be the longest spinner but like with all things I make tungsten related, will have a good amount of flutter. Is this a combo you would still like available? Price will be $150 plus shipping

scale at work says 39g

got limited amount of material and if I get a crazy amount of wobblers, I will not be making many.

Video of the CuW/Ti that will be coming in a week or two

Good things are a happening here in BilletSPIN land! Just want yooze all to know I luvs ya and hope you have an amazing rest of your week. Next week the fun begins 🙂 If anyone ever has any questions or comments just let me know!

Be sure to hit the lovely Sue Stadler up for any customer service related issues or questions.

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