Top #44 “Xeno”

Finally, folks I have had mental block for weeks but it finally came to me. I won’t lie, I was getting a little nervous. This will be a different assembly than anything prior. Should be really cool


Facehugger…its alive…growing by the minute…waiting…muhahahahahahahahahaha

well, after seeing the first part of this come to life I honestly don’t know how I can’t name it facehugger


Facehugger is going well. I am thinking this will be an indiegogo. I am also hoping to have the design done on Friday but who knows. I had a mental block all weekend on the next phase but it came together well this morning. It is looking like it will be a 4 piece top. A perfect blend of crazy and classy and I am hoping it spins for a decent amount of time. THe facehugger part of it does create some resistance so I might have to change up ratios to protect that feature from the air as it spins. I love this part of my job. Having the time of my life right now 

One of my goals with this top is to make the 2nd craziest stem ever. I doubt I could ever surpass the Wraith stem but I want to go angular crazy on this one. I have not even started the stem design yet but am looking forward to it

Who doesn’t want a face hug?

hopefully putting the tail on that beast tomorrow 

sweet dreams y’all


Yeah, I have to post this lol

Well since the Indiegogo does not look like it’s happening for this top…

Wiped (click to watch in FB)

Ok, grip is changed. Done for the day


I got two days to get this dialed in. The next pic you see will be of the final design. There will definitely be some small changes happening yet. Wish me luck and have a fantastic day!



It’s alive muhahahahaha

YouTube vid is uploading!! Rushed home from rainy Golf to giterdone.

YouTube video of the new top!!

Good night, sleep tight, don’t let the facehuggers bite


my first timed spin of the new top, guesses?

My guess was 6 minutes. 5:06 dem fan blades really catch the wind. I am sure I got a 7 in me, this was literally my first real spin.

Congrats Juston Mars, you did not win anything but were the closest 


Tomorrow I am going to make some very subtle changes to add some weight to Xeno. You would not even notice if I didn’t tell you but I can add a little weight to get a minute or two more on spin time. Again, spin time is not a focus on this design but I want to do everything I can to provide the best product I can. I have to optimize the machining processes so I will kill two birds with one stone.

I am also toying with the idea of offering a solid disc version in addition to the current design. So instead of the 8 spoke discs it would have two solid discs. This option would provide a substantially longer spin time and you would still have the rockin stem. It would also be a tiny bit cheaper.

I think options are good but want some feedback on the solid disc “performance” model. Again both options would be available if we go this route. Could do aluminum disc on top and tungsten on the bottom. People could really get creative.


Well I made a little progress! Took a little here, added a little there etc. I will take some good pics later today and I doubt you will be able to tell I did anything. I am getting consistently over 5:30 now for times and for a design like this, I am happy with that! Sounds like the performance option is a go so I will start getting all the combo’s and stuff ready. Going to take a long time but I will keep you posted!

One thing for sure, this top spins smooth. This type of assembly is just really really nice.

Yup, I got a new favorite design. So in love with this one. Combos are going to be so much fun

FB you suck for ruining a good vid.

BilletSPIN Xeno! Tons of combo’s will be available and most will be exotic. Standard material combo’s will be $150. This is a 4 piece top with a 1/8 carbide bearing ball. Spin times for the material combo pictured is 5:30 with me spinning it so spin times will vary. 1.23″ in diameter.

Sales will begin sometime in mid-late September. Sales will be combo by combo similar to how the Matrix was sold. A chart will be provided before sales begin of all upcoming combo’s so you can plan accordingly. Sue and I will be attending the USN show in Vegas next week and will have some available there. All other sales will be through

This top was themed after the Xenomorph from the movie Alien, hence the name, Xeno. Stay tuned for more details and let me know if you have any questions!


Let’s talk xeno. I got the plan (watch in FB)

This is my attempt at the 5 piece. Going to finish it tomorrow.

the question is 4 or 5 piece…

I will have to see how the 4 looks compared to the 5 and make my decision from there. I think I will make tomorrows top both ways and take pics of them and get feedback. My guess is the 5 will look nicer but it was gavin’s idea so probably not


Anybody else as excited as I am to finish up the 5 piece zirc/SS? Ups red can’t get here soon enough

Internaltool quick change boring bar .14 minimum hole with .4” reach…

5 pieces…

so many possibilities my head is going to explode lololol

5 pc 


So far we have all SS and this one going to USN. We will have some quantities available of each. All SS will be $150 and the Timascus/SS/Flamed Ti will $400. Both of these will be available online as well in a month or so.

And the last combo going to USN! 5 pc Xeno SS/Bronze $175




First performance combo. Any guesses?



Zirc with tungsten discs
It’s crazy heavy. I will get a bunch more combos and hopefully the chart tomorrow or Thursday

Live video with a butt load of details coming in 30 minutes

Big news about USN Gathering and the Xeno!

Ok all, big live video happening here at 6pm central for the Xeno. You won’t want to miss this one. Lots of pics and a GAW! Hope you can make it!!

Xeno with technical issues

I will be working on a chart showing the first 25 Xeno combo’s that will be for sale. Of those 25, some will be 4pc, some 5pc and the rest performance models. The performance models do not have the milled face hugger discs, rather they are solid and won’t have as much wind resistance. They will also be offered in exotics where the standard Xeno will only have titanium and zirc for exotics inner discs. FB will not let me post pics in a poll so there is another post titled “Xeno pics” that has a sampling of the 4,5 and performance variations. Keep in mind these might NOT be the actual combo’s and are just there to give you an idea of what they will look like. Please vote for how many performance variations you would like to see out of the first 25 combo’s!

Xeno pics

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