Top #43 “Firefly”

Houston, we have a problem


Lets talk tungsten mini’s. Whats your preference?

as you go smaller, details gets much more difficult due to tool size when it comes to milling. This will definitely not be anything crazy in the milling department

Tungsten mini clarification video 😛 (click to watch on FB)


Tungsten mini update!

This is the basic start and we will see where it goes

super basic for now to get ratios then it will be time for a makeover 

but its tiny


First prototype op done

molded inserts for W make it look all sexy like

As we wait for the second machine to get tooled up, just a reminder…this is a process. The process starts by making a boring looking top to get the right ratios. Once I get the right feel and spin performance I will beautify it. Hang tight, I know you all gots tons and tons and tons of ideas but please just let the process flow and enjoy it 

aaaaaaaaaannnnnnnndddddd we’re off!

Turning done, now to mill

Little directional love

$125 range

I will more than likely make copper and brass variations that don’t cost as much

I will make both directions if I stick with the directional grip.

oh yeah, the bad news…I only have so much tungsten. I will make others out of copper and brass too. I also have a butt ton of tungsten copper in bigger diameter I might use for this too if there is enough interest. This top should be a fun little spinner!

I need time to prototype the next top so I am willing to make this top out of pretty much anything I have in stock.

it will end up the same size of .73″

I just meant I will turn it down. There will be some scrap but I have had this stuff for a few years

I have an idea for the grip and it is a crazy idea. I have no idea how it will even look so it probably wont work but I just got to try it. This will be “in addition to” what is already there. Could trick it out to something I would be proud to call a BilletSPIN!

dude I am in my element today 

I will do my best. I am confident it will perform. Looks will be the tough part. Its just so tiny lol

I am just happy I have all day tomorrow to contemplate changes. I should be able to come up with plenty of idea by thursday morning
I just tells yall whats on my mind at the time! Enjoy the ride 
we are getting close. Should have a proto in less than 2 hours…
I get crazy excited about this time. Once the proto is done then my head starts to hurt about how to make it look beautiful
We are at about 16 grams currently

I get way more rpm from smaller grips but I know I am in the minority.

I can’t spin most of the tops Gavin makes well because of the huge grips but everyone else loves them. I always make my tops with bigger grips than I prefer so they fit the majority better

I am getting 12-14 [minutes] on the prototypes but do not expect those times yourself. These are just proto’s and final version will be quite a bit different

Timing spin now. This is 5 minutes in

9 minutes in

12 minutes in

1st spin, no practice, not bad

How am I doing DrPhil Gandini? 16 gram top, almost 14 minute first spin. Making changes now, next one should be close to 1:1

I think I can get there without going with Mg or plastic for the core. My issue is the W wobble. I hate it and the more I lighten the core the more pronounced it will get

I could hit 16 minutes with a few practice spins but I like trying to do it dry. I am purposely not spinning the original just so I can see what the next iteration does dry

I am just shooting for 1:1 dry

Next proto is being made. You all enjoying the process? I know I am having fun! Still making changes to enhance performance as much as possible then we beautify.

Number 2 down to 15.5 grams

Number 3 live vid timed spin (click to watch on FB)

Ok last one! #4 live vid spin (click to watch on FB)



We might be there. (click to watch on FB)

Here are some better pics. Scale at home puts it at 16g. More info coming shortly!

OK all, here is the full spin vid of the BilletSPIN Firefly! One more video with full details coming later today.

Firefly video uploading to YT now. Hopefully you can finally see the grip design!

Some people…

Ok all here is the official Firefly video! Let me know if you got any questions!


Official BilletSPIN Firefly information post:

-.73″ in diameter


-1/8″ carbide bearing ball

-Spin times in excess of 10 minutes (I am getting 15-16)

-EXPECT FLUTTER!!! We will not refund due to flutter so see Full Spin Video Here (skip to 12 minutes to see flutter):

-$125 plus $5 domestic and $15 International shipping

-Directional grips!!! When looking down on the top as it is spinning, the direction it is spinning (clockwise or counter clockwise) will determine the grip you want. You will NOT be able to swap grips if you choose the wrong one!!!

-Both CW and CCW will be available on July 11th noon central and will be LIMITED! I am trying to get more material in and if successful this combo might be available again later but don’t count on it!! I make no promises

-This design will be available in a few weeks in different combo’s. The design will be altered slightly to accommodate. The directional grip will ONLY be available on the W/Al version.

-See informational video here:

Let me know if you have any questions!

One Firefly clarification. On the grip, there are 12 flutes. two point up, then 2 down, then two up, then two down. I made it sound like they changed direction each flute but its two at a time if that makes sense. Pics and vid is correct, just my wording was off. Sorry about that!


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