Thrust Picture Gallery

SS/black timascus/SS



3 color mokume/Glow/SS


SS/SC/SS – 3CM/Glow/SS

Zirc/Carboquartz/Zr – Carboquartz/Zirc/Zirc

SS/Cu/Br – Br/Cu/Br

SS Thrust Combo #1 Wire wheel finish outer/Bead blasted inner with machined finish stem. Ball side has machine finished outer and bead blasted stem.

SS Thrust Combo #2 Bead blasted outer/wire wheel finish inner with bead blasted stem. Ball side has bead blasted outer and machine finish stem

SS Thrust Combo #3 polished finish on all components, front and back

SS Thrust Combo #4 Buffed finish on outside of outer collar, all other surfaces are machine finish

Bluetongue damasteel/Titanium/Titanium




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