Official Firefly Info

Official BilletSPIN Firefly information post:

-.73″ in diameter


-1/8″ carbide bearing ball

-Spin times in excess of 10 minutes (I am getting 15-16)

-EXPECT FLUTTER!!! We will not refund due to flutter so see Full Spin Video Here (skip to 12 minutes to see flutter):

-$125 plus $5 domestic and $15 International shipping

-Directional grips!!! When looking down on the top as it is spinning, the direction it is spinning (clockwise or counter clockwise) will determine the grip you want. You will NOT be able to swap grips if you choose the wrong one!!!

-Both CW and CCW will be available on July 11th noon central¬†¬†and will be LIMITED! I am trying to get more material in and if successful this combo might be available again later but don’t count on it!! I make no promises

-This design will be available in a few weeks in different combo’s. The design will be altered slightly to accommodate. The directional grip will ONLY be available on the W/Al version.

-See informational video here:

Let me know if you have any questions!

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