June 2017 Updates

I got a wonderful gift yesterday. For some reason I cannot find the name here but if you are reading this, THANK YOU. Totally unnecessary but very very cool. Thanks again,



Time to sell some stuff and give stuff away(click to watch in fb)

Let’s do this

Matrix collectors apology and list of K2’s that will be available

Perk 4 28 12 24 2 7 31 5 6 8 22 29 16 25 10 23 17 36 19 15 33 21 9


Lindsey Wissing – Rich is not here, so I’ll do my best to make an announcement like he would do: Hey yooooze, there will be a smallish amount of spin bases available for tomorrow’s launch. Don’t be blue, but their no blue. Thanks for the support, I loves yooze all, and manatees, and golf and onesies, and fast cars, and Gavin Sexton and anything Cody Mayfield makes. Howd i do????

Lindsey Wissing It was exceedingly difficult to intentionally make that many grammatical errors. Please forgive me Andrea Whitlock.


Just got back to work and found something very special waiting for me from Alpha Knife Supply. Using it to make a one of a kind. This should be amazing

 its all timascus. Very busy but I like busy  😛

but the center Timascus is mosaic timascus

17-questions, concerns, personal triumphs, whining, excitement, bored, hammertoe. Let’s chat


For those of you that don’t know, my buddy Jim Skelton has started making his own knives and is putting out some amazing stuff already! I normally don’t do much promoting but this is a special case. Jim has been an enormous help to me and BilletSPIN. Plus I know how hard it is to start a business from nothing and the risk that comes along with it. Jim is doing it right and putting out a very high quality product. In speaking with Jim, he is an amazing designer and thinks outside the box. I am so excited to watch his business grow and see the amazing creations he comes up with.

Anyways, if you are into knives or want to see what all the fuss is about, check out his new FB group.


BilletSPIN business page and update on next designs



Hey all, my inbox is full. I will not have a chance to answer anything until probably Monday. Things are a bit crazy up in here. Hope you all understand and have a wonderful weekend!


I know we are behind on some things and have a few things that need shipping and a ton of messages and emails. I apologize for the delays and promise we will work very hard on Monday to get all caught up. Have a great weekend!!


May 2017 Updates & Extras


Lets try a live vid to sell some leftover stuff. I will start the vid at 11am central (20 minutes)

All live video top buyers have been contacted. Heading out to lunch then will contact the sphere buyers. Thanks again!


Last of the Spheres. These are what I have left in very small quantities:

2Color Mokume-sold out
SS-sold out
Brass-sold out
Basketweave-sold out
Titanium-sold out
copper-sold out
bronze-sold out
spiro-sold out
tungsten-sold out
3 color Mokume-sold out

All prices include shipping and stands! This is the last of them. To buy, reply with the one/ones you want. I will message you if they are still available and get you a total. Payment will be through Paypal. DO NOT send payment until I message you. Thanks all!

All sphere buyers have been contacted. Check your unread box as well as filtered. If you did not receive a message from me, that means the one you want is sold out. Thanks again all!


Just a heads up/reminder. Lindsey Wissing is still handling all customer service. I have been getting slammed with messages about tracking, shipping, addresses etc. Lindsey is the one that can help you there. Thank you for your cooperation!

New Group banner


Nabeel Sattar started a YT channel called Spinning Serenity. Check it out! Here is a link to his first vid!


Battle Tops


Battle Top Tournament video!! (might be a tad over the top but you know me  :P)

Here is the link to the FB group!



If you have not joined yet, dont miss out on this. Battle Tops! Single elimination tournament scheduled for the end of June. It will be live streamed. Join the group to see the makers builds and to catch any updates. Share with your friends!



Battle Top Vlog #1!

Fine people of BilletSPIN, the video you requested!


Sup you amazing people. I want you to stand up. Yes, I am talking to YOU!! Stand up and go find a mirror (take your phone so you can read the rest of this). Take a good long look at yourself. Maybe things are going good, maybe life just sucks right now. Maybe you are going through a struggle that you think is never going to end. Well know this, you are awesome. You are loved and everything is going to be alright. If you ever need someone to talk to, pm me. Have an awesome day



Just a FYI, unless you are Gavin Sexton, any propositioning or dirty talk to me will get you removed from BilletSPIN  🙂

April 2017 Updates & Extras

Just purchased a new piece of equipment today! I have no idea if it will do what I am hoping it does but it was worth the risk. You will know more in a few weeks depending on when it arrives!!


It will be interesting. Its a never ending challenge to continue to improve. I have a tiny little bit of experience with ovens for coloring and there is a LOT of potential here imo


New machine is here!

BIG day for BilletSPIN. We gonna have some fun in the upcoming months  🙂

BilletSPIN update


Testing the new studio. Lots more goodies coming. Let me know what you think of the lighting and sound compared to my other videos. I think we are on the right track.


Attention!!! Important update!!!! PLEASE READ!!

As some of you know, BilletSPIN is just a small part of our main company. Our plant manager of the main company was just diagnosed with a brain tumor. He will be going in for surgery tomorrow.

Due to this, I have to fill in for him for an undetermined amount of time. This morning I discovered that the main company is behind on some orders. In order to get caught up, I will have to use the machines I have been making the Matrix on for a short time.

What does this mean to you? Exotic combo #4 will be completed before we switch so we should have all those shipped early next week. Exotic #5 will NOT be launched this week and right now, I don’t know when it will be launched. I will keep you updated though.

Indiegogo-nothing has changed and the ship dates will be as promised. The only thing this circumstance will change is the exotic schedule. They will just be pushed back to accommodate the main company.

Our main concern right now is with our plant manager and his family. I appreciate all your patience and know that we will update you all with any information as we get it. THANK YOU for your understanding.


Rich Stadler


Surgery went well. He was awake and speaking during so because they were working near his speech and motor portions of his brain. He was talking this morning and knew who his wife was so things are looking good. They were not able to get all of the tumor. He now has a titanium plate in his head. Biopsy will be a few weeks. Thanks for all your thoughts and prayers. We will keep you posted.


Please Watch this!!!!!!!



Rich N Sue Stadler Hey all, I got the go ahead from Rich to sell off some old models (no Krakens or apertures  :P). So get ready, lets have some fun!

NEW K2 perk #14 Br/SS/SS $155 shipped anywhere. First “in” gets it! I will message buyer immediately. Immediate paypal payment required!

Next up: Flamed SS Torus $90 plus $5 domestic and $12 international shipping. First “in” gets it! I will message buyer immediately. Immediate paypal payment required!

Next up is the ever popular Nexus! First “in” grabs this one for $130 plus $5 domestic and $12 international shipping. I will message buyer immediately. Immediate paypal payment required!

How about the wild K2 combo of Stainless/Spiro/Stainless? Anyone want this lovely top for $220, with shipping included? Be the first “In” and you get it! I will message buyer immediately. Immediate paypal payment required!

Sue is doing great, We have a bunch of leftover Spheres. Let us know if you want Sue to sell those today too

Looks like we found a CU/BR/CU Trident hiding away. First “in” grabs this one for $150 plus $5 domestic and $12 international shipping. I will message buyer immediately. Immediate paypal payment required!


How about something a little different? First 5 “in”s (only 1 per person please) will be buying this cute superconductor shere for $140 plus $5 shipping anywhere. . I will message buyer immediately. Immediate paypal payment required!

Taking a short lunch break

Lunch time SUS. I have 3 new Nexus. $130 plus $5 domestic and $12 international shipping. If you want one, reply “in”. Once we are done eating, we will random number draw the winners and announce them in the replies. One entry per person.

winners are 21,22 and 8!

GAW! One guess per person. 1st person to guess Sue’s weight wins a free Christmas top. GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO

David Werner 139

Rich Stadler winner!!!

Sue has messaged all you winners! If you dont see it, check your requests!

I purposely cancelled my life insurance policy before running that last GAW…  😛 You gots to have a good sense of humor to be married to me and she has a great one  🙂

Gavin Sexton Rich, you’re one brave, retarded man.

Rich Stadler Coming from YOU? Have yooze all seen the vids this guy has posted on FB? Poor Lisa……

Gavin Sexton True.

Here’s a beaut! New K2 Perk #18, SS/HC/SS. First “in” can wait patiently by their mailbox for only $220 with shipping included! I will message buyer immediately. Immediate paypal payment required!

New K2 Spiro/Flamed “Grey” Tungsten/SS for $285 including shipping. Expect some flutter with this darling but don’t let that scare you off. First person to post a selfie of themselves with a live animal (other than another human) gets to buy this top. I will message buyer immediately. Immediate paypal payment required!

Wow! Last one today! Check this out! First five “in”s will get one of these flamed copper Torus tops for $90 plus $5 domestic and $12 international. I will message buyer immediately. Immediate paypal payment required!

Sales are over for today. We have a LOT of K2’s yet, some Torus, Nexus, one Navigator, 2 Alpha’s, lot of spheres and one or two Tridents. We might have time to do some more tomorrow but we have to start assembling the #5 exotics!

Thanks for the fun day and have a great night!


I have 5 new Nexus. $130 plus $5 domestic and $12 international shipping. If you want one, reply “in”. We have a very busy day so sometime in the next 24 hours we will close the contest and draw the winners. We will random number draw the winners and announce them in the replies. One entry per person.


As far as the extra sales go of old designs, we are done for a while. When things slow down, we will do some more but that wont be for a while hopefully! Thanks again all!

Official Matrix Info and Combos

PLEASE READ ENTIRE POST: Here is the exotic chart. Shipping will be $5 domestic and $12 international.

On Monday (3/20) at noon central we will release exotic combo #1 on www.billetspin.com. It will be a 24hr sale and I will make as many as are ordered. Once the 24 hour sale is over, it is gone for good. It will take 2 weeks to ship all of them.

Once #1 is close to being done, we will start the countdown timer for #2 and post details of its release here. Once 2 is almost done being machined, we release 3 etc. This whole process will take a few months.

Any combo with 30 or less total will be sold on www.signupsale.com and we will post that well in advance of the actual release. Any combo over 30 will be released on www.billetspin.com. Sign up sale combo’s will be limited to one per person only. Combo’s with over 30 will not be limited to one per person.

I will only announce quantities on SUS tops. Most exotics will be limited quantity but some will have a timed sale like #1. I do not know which ones those will be so you will have to wait until we release the details of each combo prior to its release.

There are 5 mystery tops. Those will be combo’s of my choosing. I am doing this because I dont know how much materials will be left and I might come up with a cool idea later on. This keeps my options open!

Let me know if you have any questions and thanks for being awesome.

**QUANTITIES ARE ESTIMATES and dependent on many factors and are
These quantities are NOT set in stone and can change and change drastically.!!!!! This is the best I can do for now. Thanks again!

Exotic Materials

#1 SS/Timascus/SS $300
24 hr sale
Release on 3/20/17
shipping starting 3/26/17

#2 SS/3CM/SS $280
**Est Qty: 100
Release on 3/28/17 Noon CST

#3 Cu/Zr/Zr $300
Release on Friday, 4/7/17 at Noon til 8am Monday. We will make as many as are ordered!

#4 Timascus/3CM/Flamed SS $440
**Est Qty: 150
Release on Thursday 4/13/17

#5 Twist/Zr/SS $355
**Est Qty: 75
Release 4/20/17 noon CST **POSTPONED**
Release on 4/27/17 noon CST

#6 Cu/2CM/Cu $280
**Est Qty: 75
Release on 5/2/17 noon CST

#7 Zr/Timascus/Flamed SS $410
**Est Qty: 150
Release on May 4, 2017 noon CST

#8 Zr/Br/Zr $330
24 hr sale
Release on May 9, 2017 noon CST

#9 Timascus/Flamed Damasteel/Flamed SS $450
**Est Qty: 150
Release on May 16, 2017 noon CST

#10 SS/Twist/SS $280
24 hr sale
**Est Qty:  400
Release on May 31, 2017 noon CST

#11 Zr/SC/Zr $400
**Est Qty: 30 probably SUS

#12 Spiro/Timascus/Zr $410
**Est Qty: 150
Release on June 6, 2017, noon CST

#13 SS/Reptilian/Flamed SS $290
24 hr sale
**Est Qty: 400
Release on June 9, 2017, noon CST  Sale is open until June 12, 2017, noon CST
We will make as many as are ordered.

#14 Twist/Sharktooth/SS $360
**Est Qty: 200
Release on June 13, 2017, noon CST

#15 Timascus/Black Timascus/Zr $500(estimated price)
**Est Qty: 20-50

#15 Black Timascus/Flamed Copper/Zirc $440 plus shipping
**Est Qty: 25
Release on June 16, 2017
SUS on Signupsale.com will run for 14 hours

#16 Timascus/Zirc/Zirc $450 plus shipping
28 grams
**Est Qty: 70
Release on 6/20 at noon CST

#17 Zirc/glow/Zirc $350 plus shipping
29 grams
**Est Qty: 130
Release on 6/27 at noon CST

#18 Twist Damascus/Timascus/Polished SS Stem $390 plus shipping
?? grams
**Est Qty: 130
Release on 6/29 at noon CST

#19 Timascus/Reptilian Damascus/Polished SS Stem $440 plus shipping
42 grams
**Est Qty: 40
Release on 7/11 at noon CST

#20 Zirc/Zirc/polished SS  $350 plus shipping
**Est Qty: 11
Release on 10/4 at noon CST

Standard Material Combos (SOLD OUT and DISCONTINUED)

Official Matrix information post:

Here is the preview link to the Indiegogo project that will be launching tomorrow. Let me know what you think!

Matrix Indiegogo Campaign

This link should work once the project goes live too.

I will update this as I get more solid info.

-1.2″ in diameter
-1/8″ carbide ball
-9 pieces (4 main components and 5 SS dowel pins)
-the dowel pins will be SS on every variation

-Standard material combo’s will be $200 plus $5 domestic and $12 international shipping

-Standards will be sold through www.indiegogo.com and should be launched around 4/11/17 and be about a 20-30 day campaign. EDITED DATE

-standards will be unlimited

-1st exotic will be SS/Timascus/SS and will be launched at noon central on 3/20 It will be $300 plus shipping and will be an unlimited 24 hours sale. EDITED

-Exotic combo’s will be sold on www.billetspin.com for any combo with at least 30 tops. Less than 30 tops will be sold on www.signupsale.com

-in the case of the SUS tops, they will be limited to one per person.

-I will make the exotic samples and get a chart of them showing the order they will be released and the price for each. I will not know quantities until we start making them.

-Exotics will then be sold and made around the same time. This will keep the delivery lead times short. Once one combo is shipped, we will move onto the next exotic combo until all of them are sold out.

-I will reserve the right to add a few exotic combo’s to the chart in case I might be inspired at a later date.

-I will NOT be using Tungsten on the Matrix!!!!!!

This is all the info I have for now. Stay tuned for more details as I get them. This will be epic, I cannot wait! THANK YOU for your continued support!


Perk #1 Br/Br/Cu

Perk #2 Br/Br/SS

Perk #3 Br/Cu/Br

Perk #4 Br/Cu/Cu

Perk #5 Br/Cu/SS

Perk #6 Br/SS/Br

Perk #7 Br/SS/Cu

Perk #8 Br/SS/SS

Perk #9 Cu/Br/Br

Perk #10 Cu/Br/Cu

Perk #11 Cu/Br/SS

Perk #12 Cu/Cu/Br

Perk #13 Cu/Cu/SS

Perk #14 Cu/SS/Br

Perk #15 Cu/SS/Cu

Perk #16 Cu/SS/SS

Perk #17 SS/Br/Br

Perk #18 SS/Br/Cu

Perk #19 SS/Br/SS

Perk #20 SS/Cu/Br

Perk #21 SS/Cu/Cu

Perk #22 SS/Cu/SS

Perk #23 SS/SS/Br

Perk #24 SS/SS/Cu

Perk #25 SS/SS/SS

Matrix material combos(so far)

Br/Cu/SS                                                                            SS/Timascus/SS

Zr/Timascus/Flamed SS                                              Standards

BlkTimascus/Damasteel/Flamed Zr                       Zr/Timascus/Zr

Zr/SC/Zr                                                                              SS/3CM/SS

Cu/Zr/Zr                                                                             Zr/Br/Zr

Timascus/3CM/Flamed SS                                          Spiro/Timascus/Zr

r/SharkToothDammy/SS                                          Twist/Zr/SS

Timascus/Flamed Damasteel/Flamed SS stem   SS/Twist/SS

SS/Reptilian Damascus/Flamed SS

Twist dammy/sharktooth dammy/SS

January Updates

I hope you all had a Happy New Year! I am officially back from vacation and ready to go! So much in fact I forgot we are off today but I showed up to an empty shop lol. Looks like we have made a decent amount of progress on the spheres, Christmas tops are done and shipped. Time to get caught up on some stuff and get designing the stemless top! After that will be the mini and then we get into our regular routine.

Lets make 2017 amazing and I hope you have a wonderful week. I missed yooze all!


I have been asked this a lot lately. Please do not send BilletSPIN tops to anyone to have them disassembled and then reassembled to make a different top. You could potentially take two standard tops and have them made into a one off or into a very limited top. This will royally mess up the COA system and devalue BilletSPIN tops as well as take advantage of me. I am asking you because I cannot make you do this. I have contacted the people I know that offer this service and asked them not to mix and match. I only know of a couple of instances where this has happened.

I hope you understand and I appreciate the cooperation. It means a lot. I have no issues whatsoever with deep etching or polishing or any other cosmetic work. My issues is with changing the actual material combinations.

I will be updating the pinned post and this will be covered in it. Thanks again and I hope you all have a wonderful week!



www.billetspin.com now accepts paypal and Apple Pay…


So my wife Rich N Sue Stadler is considering joining the BilletSPIN team. She is currently working at K-mart and LOVES her job. I keep telling her how much more awesome it would be to hang out with all of you instead but she needs some convincing. Help a brother out and show Sue some love.

Big news, we just ordered a new machine. This will be identical to the last one. It is the perfect machine for tops. This will allow us a lot more versatility and will help with the increasing volume. My plan this year is to make some insanely original stuff but vary the materials enough to keep the quantities of each low while increasing the numbers of each design. That is a win for everyone. This will also help with the rings (which have been doing very well). This is of course all thanks to all of you and I appreciate that more than I could ever express. It will not get here for a while so we will keep plugging away but just wanted to let you all know the good news!


Official BilletSPIN Update: I thought heavily on this last night and this morning and took into account all of this groups feedback over the last few months. Here is what we will strive for. Of course there will be circumstances that I cannot predict right now that can make us deviate slightly from this plan OCCASIONALLY 🙂

-We will be primarily using www.billetspin.com for all of our sales. As soon as I am comfortable in a design, we will put up the countdown timer on the bottom of the main page of the website. If this timer is not accurate on your computer, look at the actual launch time/date next to the timer. The actual launch time/date will always be correct and in CST(Central Standard Time). Once the countdown timer has started, we will announce it here in the group, email blast to our website subscribers, announce it on IG and hopefully have a youtube video posted.

-We will be working on limiting the more limited material combo’s to one per person. Of course there are ways around whatever we put in place but we will do our best to give this a try.

-When we make these designs, we make a small amount of extras in case of customer service issues. These extras will be sold a few different ways much later. Sports shows, etsy, this group via scavenger hunts etc. Please DO NOT ask about acquiring these extras from me outside of that. I wont do it and it will just waste both of our time.

-We will continue to use Indiegogo a few times a year. This is a great way for us to grow BilletSPIN. This helps provide job security to our employees and families.

-We will still use the SUS website for specialty designs or combo’s. These Sign up sales will run on the www.signupsale.com website and will run for over a 24 hour period minimum so people in all time zones will be able to participate if they choose. A link to the SUS will be posted in this group.

I want to make this group a fun place to hang out. I don’t want this to just be about selling tops. In order to do that I like to do things like random GAW’s, scavenger hunts, flash sales, auctions etc. I will make these items from now on, the more “available” items instead of a design like the Timascus Triskelion. I hope that makes sense. I want to try to accommodate those that cant be watching this group every second of the day. If you do end up missing something, it wont be some super rare item and more than likely you would have had a chance to purchase it through the normal channels.

I suck at communication so I hope this makes sense. I know we have a ton of new people and so if you have any QUESTIONS, here is your time. There are other posts for suggestions, lets keep this one to questions/answers that pertain to people not understanding what has been mentioned in this post. I will update the pinned post to reflect this info. If you are new to BilletSPIN, be sure to read the pinned post. It will also answer a lot of your questions.

Sorry for the long post, thanks for all you do and make sure you have a great rest of the week!



Christopher Bathgate

Hey everyone, finally got my new art book together and I of course included a little section about Rich Stadler and our little top collaboration. thanks for those of you who contributed images for this section

I am still awaiting the final proofs to come in the mail before I update the book store and my website, but I thought it would be nice to offer advanced copies to everyone who follows my work.

Many of you have requested signed copies of previous editions, so I thought that as part of the pre-launch, I would offer signed copies, as well as a slightly discounted price to those of you who would like to pre-order the book now.

Keep in mind this is a self published small quantity book so the pricing will reflect the scale of the project.
(If I get enough sign ups, I may be able to discount the price further.)

Since I will be running this sale myself and processing will not go through Blurb (the POD publisher), I will need to set up a pre-order form like I have been doing with the small editions. So if you are interested in getting a copy at the introductory rate, click the link below and fill in the form.


December 2016 News

Latest video GAW!


Got some cool news. I will be a special guest on a show tomorrow night. The show will be starting at 8pm central but I won’t be on until about 9pm central. We will talk some tops and BilletSpin but mostly machining. Should be a good time and I am excited! Here is the link


BilletSPIN Update: The plan was to take it easy the last month and a half of 2016 lol. I think this is close to the busiest I have been all year. As of now, we have about 30% of the Torus tops made. We just filled a large amount of ring orders and have a few more to make. There will be more Tri-balls added to the website hopefully tomorrow in copper and bronze.

The next new project is a Christmas themed top. This is important to me because I am a man of faith and Christmas represents the birth of my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. This top will be free. We plan on making 50 to giveaway to the group. I understand this top will not be fore everyone. If you don’t share the same beliefs as me, that’s ok  🙂 I love all of yooze!

After that, still hoping for a small run of mini’s and a cool two piece stemless. This year just keeps ticking away so hopefully we can fit it all in. I have things in my personal life that are taking me away too. My father-in law passed away last night.

I will do what I can to get this stuff done for you. Trying to get as much finished so it arrives before Christmas. I want to thank you for the huge success of the Torus. Record sales for a one piece top and that means so much.

If you got any questions let me know. I shared everything I can think of at the moment. I hope you have an awesome rest of your week.



Well I know I just told you the plans for the rest of the year but you can throw those out the window. Looks like my family is going on a cruise on the 19th. I will get done as much as I can but there is no way I can do the minis and stemless. They will have to wait until I get back. Christmas top will happen. Sorry for the delay.