July 2018 News

Not to take away from the launch of the new top but I just proved aliens exist and I never thought they did until this. I expect a call from CNN any moment


Some awesome people came to visit today. Long overdue putting faces to FB:)

Marc Osgood Top trip of a lifetime! So cool to meet Rich and see everything they make. Lucas got the grand tour and saw the Firefly’s being made 🙂

David O’Maley Rich! Thank you so much for the hospitality. We had an epic time. “So much thank you!!”



June 2018 News

Sue Stadler: Everyone, don’t forget the new BilletSPIN forum at billetspinchat.com

Rich Stadler  I put Sue in charge over there so get ready for some fun. If you have not checked it out, be sure to!


Miss you, let’s just hang out and talk life. Live video in 15 minutes here in BS

Lets solve the worlds problems (click to watch in FB)


Special guest! (click to watch on FB)

Sorry we had to start the live vid ahead of schedule. I also apologize if any of you experienced some website glitches, we do our best so that does not happen. Thanks again for the support, means the world to us and our employees. I hope you all have a wonderful weekend. I am looking forward to putting the pedal to the metal in all things BilletSPIN on Monday!!


Folks I don’t do this much but got to give credit on this. Jon Wade just made the sickest spin station and is doing a SUS. I am not affiliated but I hope he will post pics and a link here in this post. I have some of his work and am blown away by this one. Jon please post some pics man



May 2018 News

Due to a very large last minute commitment things will be a little slow for a while. I am starting to design a whistle but will be out of work for a couple weeks. I don’t want to rush this as it is our first one available to the public. I am hoping to have the design ready to release sometime in late May. After the whist

le we will be back to tops. I will keep you all posted as I know more. Stay awesome my friends  🙂

Group needs a new banner. Winner gets a free top! Aaaannnnnnnndddddddddddd GO!

Congrats Michael Kubecka! You are the winner. If I decide to use any others down the road, those people will get a free to as well. Sue Stadler send this man a top! Thanks all!!


Had Juston Mars put my face on Leo’s in his original titanic post he would have won BUT the winner has to go to Fredrick Daypie as his stuff made me laugh the most. Sorry Juston  🙁 Loved the idea, you were so close! I will be in touch Fredrick



Sue Stadler: While Rich is away, Sue will play! Gonna do a scavenger hunt in 20 minutes.

OK, FIRST ROUND of the Scavenger Hunt is: Post a pic to this thread of you with a fish. I don’t care if it’s a live fish or a dead fish but no printed pictures of fish. Has to be a fish you are physically by. This will stay open for 15 Minutes, everyone who posts a pic will be in the next round. Ends at 11:25 am Central Time.

ROUND TWO: Joshua EggerAxel BrownSteve KleinBrandee WilsonDaryl PritchardDoug McDannaldJay DeshazorGabriel A GonzalezFredrick DaypieBullet RobertsAndi ObermeierE.b. DodgeJordan Veal
First TEN to post a pic that is in the guidelines to this thread will move on.

Here is your next test:
Post a pic with an actual fishing pole. Again, no printed pics will be accepted. Must be a pic of you with a fishing pole. Only a real fishing pole, not a toy one.

THIRD ROUND! Time to narrow it down. I’m guessing you will need to get out and about for this one.
Joshua EggerAxel BrownSteve KleinBrandee WilsonJay DeshazorGabriel A GonzalezFredrick DaypieBullet RobertsAndi ObermeierE.b. Dodge
Here is your next contest:
Post a pic to this thread of you holding a spin top (doesn’t have to be a BilletSPIN top), standing next to a real boat.
First three move on to the last round!!

The winners are…
Brandee Wilson wins a Chocolate Thrust
Andi Obermeier wins a Stainless/Stainless/ Bronze Matrix
Steve Klein wins a Copper/Bronze Crown

Hope you all enjoyed this little bit of fun. Thank you for participating and being such great sports about it all.

Winners, please PM me your shipping info.


Looks like you all have been having some fun without me!! Well I got a busy weekend and then I am back! Looking forward to getting started on the next project. Have a great weekend my friends


Sue Stadler: For those of you joining us at the USN Gathering in Las Vegas Aug 30 – Sept 1, check out this pre-registration deal!


Well what’s this?

April 2018 News

Auction! This is to help out a local friend but not considered a good cause auction. The auction is for one of the two options below:

1) A one off material combo chosen from materials I have available of any design after the Evolution. Must let me know while the design is being produced. Will come with a COA

2) two tops of any offered material combos of any design after the Evolution. Must let me know while the design is being produced and you don’t have to use both certificates on the same design.

You will have one week to pay after auction ends. Auction will end in 18 hours ( noon central Sunday)

Thanks all!!


Thanks guys, really appreciate the bids. This will already be a huge help

Ron Bates 1200

Over! Thank you all so much! Congrats Ron Bates!!


I am getting the format down on the live video’s with a guest. Weather up here still sucks so I have a little time later each day this week. Reply with who you would love to see me chat with in a live vid. No interview, just two people hanging out and interactive with those watching.

I am thinking more of a prominent person in the community.


Ok all, today is the day. We have an announcement today at noon CDT that will be done via live video here in BilletSPIN. Once the video is done I will make an official post about it here and on the business page. Don’t miss it, I think this is good stuff 

At 1:00CDT I will be doing a meet the maker/collector in PTT featuringDrPhil Gandini.

www.billetspinchat.com being launched today! Let’s discuss what this means to you   (clikc to watch on FB)

Sue Stadler: GAW going on at www.billetspinchat.com Check it out!


Winner of the Meme contest will be announced this week. Greatest…thread…ever

March 2018 News

In honor of Andrea’s birthday, since she is such a valuable part of Team BilletSPIN, we will be having a contest for a free top. Will be a Thrust or Matrix top. Andrea was nice enough to send me a throwback pic and you get to make a meme of it! Andrea gets to pick the winner tonight around 8 CST. Post your memes in this thread. Andrea Whitlock

Andrea Whitlock OVER

Andrea Whitlock If you got a number, you were one of my favorites and get an honorable mention. Michael Kubecka, you win! That was a literal LOL for me. Fordite and Texas Women were right up there in the running, though. You guys know me so well. Thank you everyone for the birthday wishes. I’m honored to be a part of the BilletSPIN family and count RichSue, and Lindsey as friends.

Sue Stadler Thanks for all the submissions friends! Those were totally awesome and so much fun to watch throughout the day! Andrea picked the SS/twist Dammy/SS Matrix as the winning top.


Hope you all amazing people have a great weekend!


GAW, this will be a huge prize. Folks, every so often in life we are given a gift. This is one of the greatest I have ever been given so I want to share it with all of you.

To enter, photoshop, meme or just plain dazzle me. Use 1 or more of these three pics. Take your time, this one will be open until fulfillment of the Evolution is over. I will pick one winner. Reply to this post with your creation to enter.

This will go down as one of the biggest GAW’s in BilletSPIN history. You can enter as many times as you like but please put some time into each entry. Leonardo took his time when painting the Mona Lisa. You have a MUCH better model than he did.


Let’s give it up for Gavin Sexton for being such a good sport!


We got it now (click to watch on FB)

Gavin and I will be doing a live vid together next week here in BilletSPIN. If you have questions, comments or topics you would like to see us talk about please respond here. Let’s have some fun with it. I will announce the date and time once we get it firmed up.


February 2018 News

Very exciting things happening in BilletSPIN land 

Ok all made more progress. We will be doing a live vid tonight on YT to go over wave 3 and spin bases. This will be another “more official” attempt to work out the bugs in the new live vid software. Vid will start at 7pm central. I believe you can only comment if you have an account but if not you can still watch.


Sue Stadler: Exciting news!!
We will be in Vegas for the USN Gathering. And we will be trying to figure out a get together in the area at that time. Is Aug 31 – Sept 2.


Busy day yesterday getting more lighting for the live video set up. Made a lot of progress and learned a lot about the software. Thank you for the amazing support of the Pandora! It is now in second place for total standard material sales and we still have the 4th wave and people’s choice!

Thanks again and have a wonderful weekend. I am going ice fishing today for walleyes. If I get any I will post a pic or two. Been a long week working in the studio so I need a little break.


Sue Stadler: That address though….😆😂😆


Sue Stadler: Customer Appreciation Day!
You are welcome….


I have never loved her more

January 2018 News

I am not sure if I ever shared this but this was an invention I came up with in 2007. It did well but just took too much time with my day job so I stopped makig it in 2010


Sue Stadler Trying to figure out an idea for another BilletSPIN get-together. Sooooo…sell me on your area and give me some good ideas.


Just a reminder for those that struggle keeping up with the pertinent BilletSPIN information, we have a business page for just that reason.



Sue Stadler Thanks for driving all the way to Oshkosh, Tim Kowalik! Was a fun time at dinner and really awesome seeing the drone work! Safe trip home. Tell Char it was great to meet her and we will definitely come visit some time soon.


Sue StadlerRich Behrens, hope you like your winning top for the quickest pic!



Lots to discuss! BilletSPIN Live video with Sue and I at 10am central this morning! You got questions? We got answers. We have the schedule for the remaining waves, new products and other exciting news. Join us!

We will be giving away a free Pandora!

LIVE VIDEO QUESTION POST! You got questions, submit them here and I will make sure we cover them!

10 minutes to live vid! Post your questions!

Live vid! Special guests, GAW, new products, Pandora schedule, Q&A and more! (click to watch on FB)

Live Video Follow up:

I would love some feedback on if you would like to see more of these. 1 hour long, planned in advance with a specific itinerary. Special guests, GAW’s, Q&A’s and any BilletSPIN updates. This would give you time to come up with questions. If you don’t like the idea you won’t hurt our feelings so please speak your mind.

If you do like the idea of more of these style live vids, let us know what day and time works best for you and be sure to include your time zone.

Thanks again all and have a great day!

Rich & Sue


Happy Sunday all!

December 2017 News

Wow, sounds like everything sold out!! You all rock!! Thanks for the support! We made it to Orlando in one piece and survived the 50 kids on the plane going to Disney. Hope you all have a great weekend!!

Tell me again why we live in Wisconsin?

Dang what a fun night. Thank you all for taking time to hang out with us. It meant a lot to Sue and I. So nice to put faces to names. I doubt I will have a voice tomorrow but so worth it. What an amazing community. I wish you all save travels back home and a wonderful weekend!


Hello from Jamaica!


Ok all, post a pic of your favorite BilletSPIN design/combo of 2017! You don’t have to own it.


Merry Christmas all you wonderful people. It’s been a great year getting to know you more and getting to meet some new people as BilletSPIN continues to grow. As most of you know, Sue and I are people of Faith and Christmas to us is about the birth of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. I know not everyone shares our beliefs and that’s ok. I just want you to know we care about each and every one of you and if you ever want to talk about faith, or are just going through a hard time, we are there for you.

This community is about so much more than just selling tops and Sue and I talk all the time about you all. Thank you for making this group what it is and thank you for your friendships.

From the bottom of Sue’s and my heart, have a Merry Christmas or Happy Holidays.

Rich and Sue Stadler

Welcome Jon Sauer! For those that don’t know, Jon is a legend and it’s an honor to have him in the group!


Going to bed, we’re rockstars…See ya next year! Love you all

November 2017 News

I got a favor to ask! Can anyone that has won a top from BilletSPIN please respond. Could be an gaw, SUS, scavenger hunt etc. Please only respond if you have been one of those people. Normally I love joking around but this is not one of those times. If you don’t want to reply, I understand. If you have and are ok with responding, reply “yes”. I just want to see how many people total have won tops from BilletSPIN. I know, weird but I really appreciate it!

Thank you all, I really appreciate you sharing!!


Well I have not had to do one of these in a very long time. Unfortunately it is needed since there are some people in the top community that feel the need to create drama and negativity. This is not present in this group and for that, I thank you all soooooo much. Folks we have enough garbage in our lives so I try my hardest to keep that stuff out as I know none of you want that. We come here to share this wonderful passion for this hobby we all love. We also hear of people going through hard times or struggles and we try to encourage and uplift them. That is what “community” is all about.

My advice to all: if you are part of a group that seems to have a lot of drama and negativity and it gets to you, leave. Sooner or later you will be affected. Focus on the things and places that bring you joy, after all that is what a hobby should do. I have left many of groups due to this reason and out of sight, out of mind is a very wonderful thing.

Just know that the extreme majority of people in this community are wonderful caring people.

With this said, if there is anything we at BilletSPIN do that upsets you or you don’t understand, message me. I will do my best to explain it. If at that point you are still upset, feel free to post it to get others opinions. I am no perfect and make my share of mistakes. Constructive feedback has molded BilletSPIN into what it is today. My request is that you come to me first to understand my reasons.

I know that this post in of itself is drama but with some of the things going on lately and the overwhelming number of messages I have had this weekend I thought I better say something. If you are reading this and have no idea what I am talking about, you are doing it right 🙂

SO, today is a new day! Lets make it awesome. Lets finish this year focusing on what got you into tops and the love you have for them. Lets remember all the good this community has and the amazing things we have accomplished together as a family.

Have a great week,

We are very close on Billetspin first carrying cases and those crystal Top stands I posted a few weeks ago! Got the dammy Thrusts tomorrow and the wheels are working on future stuff  🙂 tomorrow I start on Brian’s sight unseen auction top and then the special GTG combo. After a long weekend, things are rollin!! Yooze all have a wonderful night and just know things are gettin crazy up in here!


BilletSPIN Tops Update:

Couple of my main goals for 2017 was to offer more exotic materials and to offer different finishing. It seemed like a great plan and it sure was a great learning experience. There were unforeseen consequences though which have made me reconsider these goals for 2018.

BilletSPIN’s mantra back in 2015 was to make the coolest tops we could out of standard materials. That allowed us to focus more on design complexity rather than materials. We are going to focus more on this as we move into 2018. I LOVE exotics and we will always offer some but not nearly to the extent we currently do. I feel like my hands are tied because I try hard to keep certain price points. Exotics just cost a ton of money so the machining has to be reduced in order to keep the prices reasonable.

So what does this mean? Well I want to be totally honest here. It means that we will be upping the complexity overall to our designs to focus on machining rather than materials. Prices will be effected on those designs but will still be under the prices we have been selling the majority of the exotics for. Using standard materials will not handcuff us on quantities. This means everyone should have a great opportunity to buy these. This also means fewer designs overall with more quantities of each design.

In addition to the standard Stainless Steel, Bronze, Copper and brass, we will be using a lot of zirc and titanium. The reason is the material is easier to get in large quantities and it offer’s a ton of variety in colors we can generate. We will still be offering different finishes on all these materials.

The Thrust will finish as planned using all the materials I have posted. This change will go into effect AFTER the Thrust is retired.

Due to Sue and I going on a vacation in December, it is not looking good for a Christmas top this year. I apologize for that 🙁

THANK YOU all for your continued support of BilletSPIN. I am GREATLY looking forward to taking designing to another level. Have a wonderful day,

Rich Stadler


I wonder how many tops Billetspin has made. I really have no idea anymore but if I spent some time on it I could get pretty close. What’s your guess? Post your guesses and I will let you know who I believe is closest!

Well after some math, we are right around 23,000 tops sold. That’s a lot of tops!! I doubt there is a place in the world we have not shipped to which just shows this hobby is worldwide. It’s so cool to be a part of it. I still remember the day I found that set of dice on eBay which started me down the road to create Billetspin.

I see we had a misprint on the website, that will be addressed shortly. It should have been 10,000 at the time of that posting. Good catch!!


Everyone that attends the meet and greet will be getting a free top that will only be available by attending. I like to be upfront with everyone about stuff like this and it just our way of saying thanks for taking the time to hang out with us. If you have not signed up yet, contact Sue Stadler!


And this is where it all began. This was the first top I ever made, not design, literally the first top.

23,000 tops later…

Welcome Evyn Stadler to Billetspin. Evyn is my oldest daughter whom I am very proud of  🙂


Happy Thanksgiving all you amazing people. We all have much to be thankful for. My life is better because all of yooze are in it. Hope you have a fantastic day my friends,

Rich and Sue