Quick SUS: Billetspins first ever ring done in 2 color mokume. It is just a smidge bigger than a size 10. Mirror polished. It will come in bubble wrap but we will get ring boxes for future rings. $75 plus $5 domestic and $10 international shipping. We will draw the winner from the first 5 people to reply with “in only”.

Good luck!

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Top Stands

Top stands? Some one say top stands? Well we got the most original top stand you have ever laid eyes on. I wish I could take the credit on this one but my plant manager came up with the idea. CNC puzzle pieces. Each one holds a top and they will come in all our standard and exotic materials. These are big and the exotics will be pricey but I think you will like them and the fact you can mix and match any materials you like. The way they hold the top is very unique too. I will post pics once we get all the prototypes done. More details to come!

I know I know but you guys have no idea how much stuff is in the mix. We will hopefully be welcoming a lot of new people from the Indiegogo project. I am trying to broaden our market and these have a lot more possibilities than just top bases. Really trying to make BilletSPIN a one stop shop for all things EDC. Time is the problem, I got more ideas than time to make them but it is coming and I cant wait 🙂

Top Stand video. Feel free to be honest here. Just trying to gage if this is worth pursuing. It will take a month or two to make if we go ahead with them.

If you are not hard with them, they will not scratch but wood, plastic,composite will be an option

keep the feedback coming and dont hold back. No feelings will be hurt. I think the idea is a really good one, probably just need to tweak it to awesomeness

my communication skills suck. Here is my main question: knowing this is just a rough prototype, is does this idea have enough merit to pursue. If we do, we will make it as cool as possible. Those of you that have seen my rough prototypes to the finished design know the drastic changes that sometimes take place. I just want to know if I should just scrap the idea entirely. Just respond by saying go for it or scrap it! Thanks all

Spin Bases

BilletSPIN Spin bases! You have seen them in my videos for a few months, this is the video that talks about them. These will be available with the Infinity top this Friday when the countodown timer hits zero on the billetSPIN website.

Here is the link to the video!

Spin base pics:

1) 5″ diameter and 1.5″ tall single sided $125 plus shipping
2) 4″ diameter .625″ tall double sided $90 plus shipping

Made from K9 crystal. Will be available on www.billetspin.com this friday 8/19 at noon central time. There is a countdown timer on the website. The Infinity top will launch at the same time.

Spin Base 01 Spin Base 02

$125 for the 5″ and $90 for the 4″
plus shipping

I love them both but I used the 4″ more than the 5″. The 5″ is much better looking to me though

Tungsten Carbide Tokens v2


Any interest in a Tungsten carbide token like my Kickstarter with the Billetspin logo on one side and a top related phrase on the other? They would be $25 plus shipping. What about t-shirts? I got some time, let me know if you would be interested!


Lets try this again. PLEASE READ ENTIRE POST:
I am getting some tungsten carbide tokens made with a key ring hole. One side will have the BilletSPIN logo. Add your own poll options on what you would like on the back side. NO CUSTOM ENGRAVING. I will get some made with the top choices. These will be available in a few months.

Ok, how about a little bit larger carbide token with a small hole for a key chain, bottle opener and our logo on one side and top slogan on the other. I would have to get it molded and that is a $5k investment for the mold. I would have to charge more for them compared to the worry token. Probably $70. Thoughts?


Great news! Our tungsten carbide tokens are finally done but need etching. They have a hole in them so you can put a chain or cord through it for carrying. I am going to try to put our logo on one side. What would you like on the other? I should have these in a few weeks for sale!

token 2-04

Contest! Design the backside of this token. It will be laser etched so keep the design basic. 1.25″ in diameter. dont forget the hole. Winner gets a free prototype top from the Indiegogo project. I will pick the winner in a few days. I have to be able to email the design to my etching guy. Not sure what kind of files will work for that but hopefully you do.

one entry per person


Congrats to Michael Bright for winning the token contest! I will offer up a couple variations but this will be one of them!
token 2-03


Prototype is done. The black is a mirror polished tungsten 🙂

token 2-05

in the $25-30 range


Oh Yeah
BilletSPIN Tungsten Carbide tokens. Mirror polished. 1.25″ diameter with .145″ hole. Two versions, one with logo and 5 combined top patterns and the second is completely blank so you could get it laser etched with whatever you want. These will be $30 for the etched and $27 for the blank. We will figure out shipping now. These will be put on the website either today or tomorrow. Limited quantities but if they sell well, we will get more!

This is a great conversation piece because most people in the world have never felt the weight of tungsten carbide. For those that dont know, tungsten carbide is what our cutting tools are made from. It is crazy hard (it cuts steel with ease). I did a kickstarter a while back with these and never had any issues or complaints! Hope you enjoy!

Edit: yes, there will be ones coming without the hole. Not sure what I will have on them though as far as etching but some will be blank

token 2-01token 2-02

curious on all your thoughts

It is formed in a mold we had made. Then polished in a machine

yes, there will be ones coming without the hole. Not sure what I will have on them though as far as etching but some will be blank



Shipping is cheap, $3 domestic, $8 international

Anything else you need to know before it goes live on billetspin.com?

token 2-02 token 2-01