Gen 2 & 3 Spin Bases

Spin based are here!

Here are some crappy cellphone pics is the spin bases. Here the YT video on them as well:


Due to the logo imperfections on the white bases, I will be selling them for $80 instead of $90. This is for the white bases only.

Just got some very minor scuffs on the outer edge after three tosses

Shipping will be $10 domestic and $20 International on the spin bases and will be double boxed.


I will have some of each color of the spin bases (White, green, amber and blue) when my next shipment arrives. Hoping in the next few weeks! Let me know if you have any questions!

5 greens left, everything else is sold out until the next shipment arrives!


All spin bases have shipped unless your order was placed this weekend. All Indiegogo tops will ship by the end of the day on Thursday at the latest.

Exotic combo #10 will launch at noon central tomorrow (5/31) and will be a limited quantity, first come first serve with no limit on how many one person can order. I will be doing the video for it later today. These will be sold


Official info post about October 4th release! Here is what will be going up for sale on at noon central:

-Gen 2 and 3 spin bases in Green, amber, blue and white $90
-Bronze/copper/bronze Thrusts in 2 finish variations $150
-Zirc/timascus/zirc Triskelions $300
-Zirc/Zirc/polished SS Matrix $350

Shipping will be $5 domestic and $15 international USPS or $35 DHL

BilletSPIN Cards

Coming soon

these will be on the website this week


Michael Bright  Over 2 months in the making, I introduce you to Billet Spin Playing Cards. Featuring iconic BilletSpin top designs from 2016, as well as a special guest appearance from the original and legendary Kraken. Honestly, who doesn’t want to throw in a pair of Krakens!

True to his word, Rich does indeed delete every file on the last run of each top design. As a result, each top has been re-drawn from scratch, taking even the smallest details into consideration. This unhealthy obsession started soon after the coin design contest, in which my entry included a combination of various BilletSpin tops.

Little did I know that this design would become the foundation of an epic personal project. The result of which is a completely unique custom themed card deck.

This limited first run is intended as an ideal gift for any top collector to compliment the hobby, if there is a serious interest in more collectable playing cards featuring various top designs, I would be keen to explore them.

In short, this is a fun way to share and celebrate such a great line up of Billetspin top designs from 2016. I hope you all enjoy them as much as I did creating them!

I know I can’t wait to get my hands on then and they are available now on the BilletSpin website under accessories:

The cards are Standard Poker Size 2.48” x 3.46” (63mm x 88mm)�
and are printed on 300gsm Smooth (Matte) card stock

Lastly, A huge thank you to Rich Stadler and Lindsey Wissing for allowing me to make these cards a reality, and to everyone in the group for posting such awesome pictures of your top collections! I would not have been able to re-draw them all if you hadn’t!


Time to come out of the closet, I am a sphere guy. I absolutely love the uni-ball. I am not alone. Since the next top is a one piece, I got a few machines open for a while and an operator with time. I am going to do a small Indiegogo for all sorts of spheres in 1″ size. This project and the one piece should be out in the next two weeks. I am really excited to get back to designing tops again! No worries, mini’s and stemless will still happen late in the year. There’s your Friday morning update! Have a wonderful day

exotics vary in price per inch and what you have to do to them. I am thinking around $200 for the most part other than timascus

I must not have been clear. I got 4 machines at my disposal right now, since the next top is a one piece (they use 2 machines) I have 2 machines open to make the uni-balls Continue reading “Spheres”


Quick SUS: Billetspins first ever ring done in 2 color mokume. It is just a smidge bigger than a size 10. Mirror polished. It will come in bubble wrap but we will get ring boxes for future rings. $75 plus $5 domestic and $10 international shipping. We will draw the winner from the first 5 people to reply with “in only”.

Good luck!

rings-03 Continue reading “Rings”

Top Stands

Top stands? Some one say top stands? Well we got the most original top stand you have ever laid eyes on. I wish I could take the credit on this one but my plant manager came up with the idea. CNC puzzle pieces. Each one holds a top and they will come in all our standard and exotic materials. These are big and the exotics will be pricey but I think you will like them and the fact you can mix and match any materials you like. The way they hold the top is very unique too. I will post pics once we get all the prototypes done. More details to come!

I know I know but you guys have no idea how much stuff is in the mix. We will hopefully be welcoming a lot of new people from the Indiegogo project. I am trying to broaden our market and these have a lot more possibilities than just top bases. Really trying to make BilletSPIN a one stop shop for all things EDC. Time is the problem, I got more ideas than time to make them but it is coming and I cant wait 🙂

Top Stand video. Feel free to be honest here. Just trying to gage if this is worth pursuing. It will take a month or two to make if we go ahead with them.

If you are not hard with them, they will not scratch but wood, plastic,composite will be an option

keep the feedback coming and dont hold back. No feelings will be hurt. I think the idea is a really good one, probably just need to tweak it to awesomeness

my communication skills suck. Here is my main question: knowing this is just a rough prototype, is does this idea have enough merit to pursue. If we do, we will make it as cool as possible. Those of you that have seen my rough prototypes to the finished design know the drastic changes that sometimes take place. I just want to know if I should just scrap the idea entirely. Just respond by saying go for it or scrap it! Thanks all