Photo Contest Winners!

Photo Contest WINNER! This was very difficult as you all posted some amazing pics. THANK YOU for making this contest so fun. Due to an unforeseen circumstance I have to pick one winner but also give a consolation prize to a guy that captured my sense of humor with one of his pics. So the winner of the main prize (A free stemmed and stemless of my next design is.


Quoc T Ho for this amazing pic.

Now the winner of the consolation prize for making me laugh for a week straight! Matt Blackie! He spun a top on his cat…his CAT!! I am still laughing. Matt gets to pick a person to receive a stemmed or stemless top of my next design. Someone that is just starting out in the hobby or someone who normally would not be able to buy one.

Thanks again for participating. Here are the winning pics!!

PhotoContest12 PhotoContest14

There were three that were REALLY close. It came down to the raw number of mine you had and how they were presented but it was close!!

Photo Contest

Ok all, competition time. This is for anyone that owns at least one of my tops. I will be making my next design in a few weeks and the winner gets a free top of the new design! To enter just reply with a picture you took of a top I made. I will pick my favorite. Deadline is the day before I make the new design so probably August 27th. You can submit two pics per person. If I decide to make a stemless version of the new design the winner will get a stemmed and stemless. Lets see those pictures! It is not just about quality but creativity as well!

Edit: Photoshop is allowed!

Quoc T Ho #1


Jeffrey LeBouef


Jared Schoenly


Josh Rodriquez


Jake Coy Here is my first. Already on my iPad.


Randy Domingo #1


Josh Rodriquez #2 again. Realized i screwed up the edit. Lol one photo that was stitched hadnt been edited yet. Lol


Gavin Sexton First entry


Jordan King


Jordan King


Fredrick Morgan Impenetrable defense!


Quoc T Ho #2


Matt Blackie The two that i have currently and my Ninja


Rich Stadler Extra credit for them being on a live animal!

Matt Blackie