Top Stands

Top stands? Some one say top stands? Well we got the most original top stand you have ever laid eyes on. I wish I could take the credit on this one but my plant manager came up with the idea. CNC puzzle pieces. Each one holds a top and they will come in all our standard and exotic materials. These are big and the exotics will be pricey but I think you will like them and the fact you can mix and match any materials you like. The way they hold the top is very unique too. I will post pics once we get all the prototypes done. More details to come!

I know I know but you guys have no idea how much stuff is in the mix. We will hopefully be welcoming a lot of new people from the Indiegogo project. I am trying to broaden our market and these have a lot more possibilities than just top bases. Really trying to make BilletSPIN a one stop shop for all things EDC. Time is the problem, I got more ideas than time to make them but it is coming and I cant wait 🙂

Top Stand video. Feel free to be honest here. Just trying to gage if this is worth pursuing. It will take a month or two to make if we go ahead with them.

If you are not hard with them, they will not scratch but wood, plastic,composite will be an option

keep the feedback coming and dont hold back. No feelings will be hurt. I think the idea is a really good one, probably just need to tweak it to awesomeness

my communication skills suck. Here is my main question: knowing this is just a rough prototype, is does this idea have enough merit to pursue. If we do, we will make it as cool as possible. Those of you that have seen my rough prototypes to the finished design know the drastic changes that sometimes take place. I just want to know if I should just scrap the idea entirely. Just respond by saying go for it or scrap it! Thanks all

New Group Pic Contest

CONTEST: It is time. Quoc T Ho‘s pic for the group was and is nothing short of amazing but it is time to update it. This is for a free top and it will be a good one of my choice. It will come with a COA.

To enter, reply with a picture to replace the BilletSPIN group banner photo. You can see what won last time. It needs to be spectacular. You get one shot, one entry. It can be anything that captures this group in a photo. Just make sure it is the rectangle format as seen in the top of the group. I am excited to see what you all come up with. I will let this run for a week or so to give you time.

Lets see what you got.


Congrats to Nizaar Lilla for the new group photo! Some amazing entries but this one looked amazing! My sister will contact you


Spin Bases

BilletSPIN Spin bases! You have seen them in my videos for a few months, this is the video that talks about them. These will be available with the Infinity top this Friday when the countodown timer hits zero on the billetSPIN website.

Here is the link to the video!

Spin base pics:

1) 5″ diameter and 1.5″ tall single sided $125 plus shipping
2) 4″ diameter .625″ tall double sided $90 plus shipping

Made from K9 crystal. Will be available on this friday 8/19 at noon central time. There is a countdown timer on the website. The Infinity top will launch at the same time.

Spin Base 01 Spin Base 02

$125 for the 5″ and $90 for the 4″
plus shipping

I love them both but I used the 4″ more than the 5″. The 5″ is much better looking to me though

Top #31 “Infinity”


I have been hearing a lot of requests for a long spinner. Something along the lines of the spin contest winner. If you watch the last 3 minutes of my spin you will see what a tip like that will do as far as wobble. That is what a design like that will do and would be sold as is because I don’t want a CS nightmare. I could make a heavier version that I could spin for a crazy amount of time. I would like to hear your thoughts on a top like this with the wobble. I would use aluminum over magnesium and copper tungsten over densemet. Personally I think it would be a much much easier top to spin compared to the Tinker using what I learned from this contest. Probably in the $125 range Continue reading “Top #31 “Infinity””


BilletSPIN Suggestion post. I am not the kind of guy that likes to give unsolicited advice or opinions. If I don’t care for something, I keep it to myself unless I am asked. Well if you are like me (I know not all are :P) this thread is for you! I will be totally honest, I have the next 3 months all planned and I don’t see that changing. Past that, I am wide open. I am not sure this will effect and future plans but trust me when I tell you that I do care about all of your opinions! So here is your shot. No offense will be taken. If you have a suggestion, I am listening. What would you like to see me do differently. What do you like/dislike.

Now here is the difficult part. If you are sensitive and easily offended, this post might not be for you. I really appreciate people sticking up for me when I or my designs get heavily/unfairly critiqued but in this case I am asking for it. This will only work if we can respect each others opinions even if you think the opinion expressed suck. Mods, any negative responses to opinions given need to be deleted. I got a crazy busy day tomorrow designing the K2 so please please please keep this thread clean and going in the right direction. If not, I will just delete the whole thing.

Have a great night!

Russ Martin Aaron Jordan Jonathon Brenner Evan Fletcher Lindsey Wissing


Suggestion Thread Response: Awesome, really enjoy the feedback. Keep it coming. A few of these ideas are already in the short term plans. Some are not possible, some are difficult. All are appreciated. Here is what I can tell you:

1) Tritium, due to regulations, I will probably never make a top for sale using tritium. Just not worth the hassle as much as I love the stuff.

2) Standard, Custom and elite tops. It was what seemed like a great idea when I came up with it. Well it did not pan out like I expected. The community is growing/changing so fast and the original plan is not what is best now for BilletSPIN. We will be changing that on the website soon to make things easier to understand and easier to find.
That is all I can share at the moment. Keep the ideas coming!

Top #30 “K2”

UPDATE: We “should” have all the Infected Specimens done tonight. Tomorrow when I come in I will start on the Moon glow and mokume version. We will be using the website to sell these. I plan to use this a lot more in the future due to some issues I have had doing it here. Might be towards the end of the day tomorrow or else Friday for sure. No clue ho many at this point but will probably be around 10 of each variation. I will also be making two moon glow/timascus tops. One goes to Jim Skelton and the other gets auctioned off here in the group.
Once done with that, I immediately start on the Indiegogo project. There is a slight hiccup with the spin bases so they might be out of the campaign but I am doing everything in my power to get them in time. I will try to launch this 8/23 but that could easily change.

Last year, I was looking at Vector art. I saw something that I thought would look cool in a top. I changed the design to make it my own and CNC friendly. Once completed I needed a name for the top. I showed it to the group and we all tossed around ideas. Then I remembered a part in one of my favorite movies and it hit me. The Kraken.

This time around, I am going to make the top based off of the Kraken (from the movie). There is a huge difference here in inspiration. The top will be completely different but you will see it will have similar “genes”. My #1 goal is to protect the value of the original Kraken. Hence the name K2. It is NOT called Kraken 2. It is called K2. It will look completely different. In my opinion, this will actually raise the value of the original.

This will be a short campaign (14 days) and we will have started production WAY before launch so shipping will be much quicker than the Navigator. We might even have them all made by the time the campaign is over depending on how many we have to make.
Sorry this was so long, I would love to hear your opinions. Continue reading “Top #30 “K2””