Top #29 “Infected Specimen”

Jim Skelton Ok boys and girls, time for me to spill the beans. Rich and I have been working on a secret project, a collaboration piece. You might have noticed I slipped in a few little jokes over the last month about “Infected Specimen” and Rich in an OSHA Biohazard suit… those were tiny hints as to what was coming. Rich allowed me the opportunity to come up with a design concept for a new top, and I knew immediately what I wanted to do. But of course… as with everything else I design, it wasn’t an easy task to undertake. This one has already presented a challenge to Rich before he even cut the first piece this morning, and he has had to do some thinking on how to make my vision come to reality within the restrictions of what can actually be done in the real world LOL. I’m no machinist, so I don’t know all of the limitations… that’s the fun of being a dreamer… we don’t need reality!!

I can’t reveal too much, but all I can say right now is that it will be an INTRICATE top, and will feature a 3-Dimensional Biohazard logo similar to what you see depicted in the image here.

Stick back some pennies, because there will also be a handful, a very small run of SPECIAL editions of this one. Yes, you’ll need to be fast to grab one. Conversely, there will be a good amount made of the other metal options, so most everyone WILL get to own this very special piece. I hope that when you see it fully revealed that you like it. I think it’s BilletSpin’s most aggressive looking top, and might give the ole Kraken and Aperture a run for their money!!

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Ya know, sometimes I just have to sit back an smile. Things are really going well! Got the plan for BilletSPIN though the end of August. So excited for what’s ahead. We are going to make a slight gradual change. The plan is to get more of a head start on designs before we release them. This will expedite shipping so you all don’t have to wait as long. The way we currently do it is a much safer route for us but you all are the priority.

The new machine is due in just over a week. I will get some pics and videos of that process. I think some of you will find it interesting. Next top is a one piece longer spinner in the $75 range. Definitely more basic with performance being the main focus. I want this to not only spin long but be the easiest top to spin so everyone can enjoy it. I think I can make it crazy stable and still give it a decent amount of clearance. I will play with it until it is perfect! Expect that in later June.

The spin lens you have seen me post will be part of a new Indiegogo project we have planned for August. We will sell those as well as a new top design. Gavin Sexton will be coming up to visit to help me design this new top. Last time we worked together, the Aperture was born. I have high hopes for that top.

But some HUGE news is that I will be working with a very special someone on a top due out in July. I am not going to say more at this time but this will be one you will want to get your hands on for a few reasons.

There is so much more to say but I have to keep some things secret. I hope you all are happy with the direction BilletSPIN is going and you can always feel free to post what you would like to see us make. I care deeply for y’all and hope you have an amazing rest of your week. Carry on 🙂