GAW! Help promote the Navigator

GIVEAWAY: Help me get the word out about the Navigator project. Multiple entries allowed. To enter just share the project on any social media site then reply to this thread where you shared it. Here is the link:…/billetspin-navigato…/x/13444135…

Winner will be chosen this coming monday at noon central time by random number generator. Winner will receive a Alpha, Stemless Alpha, Lotus and stemless Lotus. Yes, you heard correct. FOUR TOPS!!

Thanks for all you do!


Congrats Paul English!!! You are the winner

THANK YOU ALL for your support in sharing the project!

Machine Crash :(

PLEASE READ: We have just had the worst machine pile up in the history of our company. Operator made a simple mistake but the machine suffered tens of thousands of dollars worth of damage. We are calling the Lotus top temporarily sold out. We will set this up on another machine to fullfill all current orders. This will push everything back weeks until we can get the machine fixed. I could vomit right now. I appreciate your patience. We are thankful nobody was hurt. Continue reading “Machine Crash :(“

Deathstar Bead Contest

While we are waiting for the website let’s have some fun. If you are interested in the Death Star bead for $125 plus shipping here is your chance. I have one with brass and Damascus. I will do a scavenger hunt tournament. I will eliminate people each round until there is only one person left.

So for this round I will take the first 5 people that can post up a picture of any top spinning upside down. No trick photos, the top has to be spinning on its stem

BS bead 01-07 Continue reading “Deathstar Bead Contest”

Top #24 “Lotus”

Ok, prototype beads are all done finally. Now I am starting on the standard one piece top design. I have a really cool idea in my mind and I really really hope it comes out as cool as it looks in my imagination. The pattern will be like nothing I have made so fingers crossed. I am not sure if I can get it done tonight but if not, tomorrow for sure. Just wanted to post an update! This top will be a very large production run as we will sell them on the website. I want to have tops like this one available at all times for new people when they join the group.

It is a start…

s24-01 Continue reading “Top #24 “Lotus””