Alpha Spin contest

Just a heads up, there will be a spin competition posted this week yet for Alpha Top owners. Winners will get a free top of a future design… Contest will run a few weeks.

I will post the rules when I post the competition thread

With the success of the Alpha, I will be generous 😀


ALPHA SPIN CONTEST! Longest Spin wins. Contest will pay out top two places for both stemmed and stemless. Winner gets to choose ANY design I make in 2016 other than an Elite top. Second place in each category will get a one off Alpha top. I just happened to have two smile emoticon


1) unlimited entries
2) must post a full length video of the spin from start to finish and post it to the Billetspin group. Video can be a link from youtube.
3) no assisted spins
4) Video must include a timer that is visable throughout entire video.
5) Due to international shipping I am going to let this run one month. Contest ends on 2/29.

Any video that does not meet the criteria will be immediately deleted.

SPECIAL PRIZE: make me laugh. You got time while that top is spinning, make it entertaining and you could win. I will choose the one that made me laugh the most and that winner will receive a surprise gift from me.

Lets have some fun with this one. Good luck!!


WINNERS of the Alpha spin contest are:

Stemmed- 1st place Joseph Pol Sebastian Gocong 17:35
2nd place Andy Brothers 16:25

Stemless- 1st place Jason Blume 14:09
2nd place Brandon Lawrence 10:37

Creative/made me laugh- Boby Hon!

Great job all. I will be messaging you shortly!

I think the two winners should send Brian Keith a thank you card for not entering lol

Stemless Alphas

ALPHA STEMLESS- How to order. Please read carefully

Price is $130 plus $5 domestic and $10 international shipping. No matter how many tops you order, shipping is only $5 domestic and $10 international.

If you ordered a stemmed version you do not have to pay shipping on these.

All 9 material combinations available. Copper, Stainless Steel and Bronze for collar and center.


1) Add up your total with shipping and pay that amount through Paypal to

2) Respond in this post with “in for ______ Tops” then list material choices for collar and center. At the end put “PAID” so I know you followed the instructions and you paid. IMMEDIATE PAYMENT REQUIRED!!!

3) Message me with the address you want the tops shipped to.

4) Relax

I will start shipping Monday at the latest. Please keep this thread to orders only! I will start a new thread for discussion and questions. Thanks so much and I hope you enjoy the first top of 2016!!

I was going to do this one the website but after a lot of thought I think this is the better way. I have another idea to prove out the website.

S23-34 S23-35 S23-36

Elite Cards

The cards are done for the Elite line of tops!! For those that missed it the Elite line will be my most complex tops that will feature more exotic materials. They will be very limited in number and will cost substantially more than the custom top line. Each Elite top will come with a card!

Elite cards

they will range quite a bit. I am not sure right now but my guess is anywhere from $300-a number you wouldn’t want to hear lol

yes, more than likely every elite design will be sold in a standard SUS here on the group page.

International Shipping

International buyers, since we have so many new people here I want to address this right away. I know you pay taxes on the tops. It sucks but I don’t feel right about lowering the value on the packing slip. I hope you understand. I wish there was another way. I am keeping the International shipping as low as I possibly can to try to help. I appreciate all your business and support!

Listen, all I am going to say is I have an issue doing anything that is not truthful. If that bothers some, I understand. Honest I do but maybe my tops are just not for you and there are no hard feelings. This is just the way I choose to conduct business.

Spin Bases

Ok, so I am working on my first spin base. Tell me what you want in a spin base and I will try to accommodate. I am thinking these will be running in the next few weeks

Design your own TOP

Please read everything before posting!!

Let’s have some fun. Here is your chance to be a designer. Reply to this post with your top idea. Preferably with a pic. You can only submit ONE idea. This means only one reply to the main post.

This is complicated so read carefully. I don’t want any “sub” replies until Sunday night when I say so. At that point I will reply and not allow any new entries after that. Also at that point I want everyone to “sub” reply to their favorite idea. You only get one vote. Your reply can just say “yes”

The person that gets the most replies will be the head designer in their top that I will make and name after them. That person will also get a free top. If the idea is really crazy I will have to put a rough price on it before the voting begins so people know how much they would have to pay for it. Stay away from exotic materials smile emoticon DO NOT reply to this thread with questions. I will start another post for that.

You can edit your entry until the deadline on Sunday night! Good luck!! Continue reading “Design your own TOP”

New Webpage!

Ok, big news. First, the fan page has moved to

Second, is now live. We still have a lot of work to do but it is getting there. I want to thank Reid publicly for all the hard work he put into this. As of now i am still going to run the bulk of orders for the first top through FB. after that they will hopefully be run through the site! exciting to watch this grow!