Spin Contest!

Ok everyone, first off THANK YOU!! Your interest in this last design was absolutely encouraging and amazing. They are all packaged up and heading to the post office today.

In order to really say thanks, I am going to do a giveaway! As you will all find out, this one spins a long time.
To enter:

1) Post a video of your longest spin to this group
2) Fill out this form with your info: https://docs.google.com/…/1DB1d2DKjlIQ_2jpLxVxUt4…/viewform…


This is only for the three fanged model I made. I will giveaway two tops to the top two places of both stemmed and stemless. So stemmed has acontest and stemless has a contest and the top two times from each gets a free top of my next design. Limit of one winning entry per person.

You can enter an unlimited amount of times. This contest will run until I start making my next design. I urge you to have some fun with the video to make it entertaining to watch but please keep it clean or I will delete it!

Thanks again and have an amazing week! -Rich-

Contest Status

Brian Keith– 13:47
Rich Stadler-10:27

Aaron Jordan- 11:16
Matt Mc Cafferty- 11:09

Top #13 “Talon/Shark Fins/Sharknado”

BUILD THREAD: First come first serve. Once they are gone, they are gone. This project will be for a three piece stemmed top and a two piece stemless top of the same design. Feel free to post “in” if you want one followed by the materials you want yours made from. Here are your choices:

Outer Collar: Bronze, Copper and Stainless Steel (Both stemmed and stemless)

Inner Disc: Copper, Stainless Steel (Both stemmed and stemless)

Stem: Bronze, Copper and Stainless Steel

So here is an example: IN (copper over stainless over copper)

I will build to orders and once I am caught up I will make put together whatever seems popular and that is all that will be available so if you want one get me your materials right away. IF you see the final design and are not happy, feel free to back out.

For those of you that need a few weeks to pay, I completely understand and will give you until 9/11 to pay.

Price is $150 for the stemmed and $125 for the stemless. Add $5 for domestic and $10 for international shipping.


Cad drawing view is from the back looking into the collar. The collar will be hollow. The finished machined parts are the 1st end of the front disc. The 4 spiral fangs will be in the collar and the dimples will be in the front disk. You will be able to see inside of the collar through the four spiral fangs😀

I will be setting up three different machines today so I can run these tonight. I will post pics along the way. I expect a finished one around 7:30pm central time!

For those that are in, please look at the options in the description and edit you “in” to include the materials you want it made out of.

The four spirals are part of the large diameter that come down close to the stem. They are the closest towards you. The dimples are on the front disc that is pressed into the outer collar. There will be a space between the fangs and dimples. So choose SS over Copper over SS, the fangs are SS and the dimples are in the copper. Make sense? The coolest thing is the fact the collar is hollow!

Oh, BTW these will be 1.23″. Same as the turbine and 4 pointed star I just made

Ok all, time to do some work. I will check back later!

I can tell you I don’t have many more stemless left so if you want one you better act fast. Stemmed I am doing ok on.



15 stemmed and 4 stemless still available. I making these in order and the front disc’s are made (see OP pic). If I run out of a certain material and don’t have any left to make what you ordered I will message you tonight. That is why it is important to get on the list!


lol, just wait until this one is all done. Give me another hour


This one has some issues but I will fix them for #2. Yup, definitely my favorite one

It is good, real good. I will let you all be surprised 😀

2nd one is perfect. Spins real good 😀


Dimples are in the middle now

Next model

S12-16 S12-17 S12-18

S12-19 S12-20 S12-21

Stemless video 😮

S12-22 S12-23 S12-24

Stemless are two piece. Stemmed are three

Bronze over SS over bronze

S12-25 S12-26 S12-27 S12-28 S12-29

Bronze over copper over bronze

S12-30 S12-31 S12-32

28 hours straight! That is a new record for me!

Well this was a crazy night. Tops are not behaving but I am getting there. I did not get a whole lot done and will have to tweak some things in the program to hopefully get these to run better. Hopefully my sister is doing ok and handing everyones PM’s. Bare with us, this is the worst time machining I have ever had on any top. Stemless will be a breeze compared to the stems. It will be a long day tomorrow. Thanks so much for everything guys and have a great night!


Ok all this is what is left. Stemmed are $150 and stemless are $125. Add $5 for domestic and $10 for international. Just respond with the number you want and once it is gone, that is it. This is your last chance to get this design. I will never make it again. Here is a breakdown:

1-7 Copper over SS over Copper Stem
8-9 Copper over SS over SS Stem
10-11 Copper over SS
12 Bronze over copper over SS stem
13 Bronze over SS over Bronze stem

Paypal is rich@drop-n-stay.com and after you pay, message me with the address you want it shipped to. Thanks all!


Oh they are all packaged up already frown emoticon This was possibly the craziest 36 hours of my life lol

I did, by saturday morning I had caught up and had such a good system down I made some extras which are pictured above. I am still not sure how many I made exactly. You would not believe how crazy this was. We were getting multiple messages per minute at times and then keeping up with responses and people changing what they wanted etc. It was crazy but so much fun. All in all I am guessing the total to be between 60-70 between the stemmed and stemless. Keep in mind there was around 15 different variations. Matt, I am taking yours to the post office now!

Aaron Jordan I have shipped close to 2K packages since april. We are on a first name basis and one of them named their kid after me.

I kept one and am going for a 15 minute spin. I have never hit that and this is the one to do it

I don’t ever talk spin times anymore but this one is so easy. I think I should pull a George Costsnza and just quit on a high note… 😀

Photo Contest Winners!

Photo Contest WINNER! This was very difficult as you all posted some amazing pics. THANK YOU for making this contest so fun. Due to an unforeseen circumstance I have to pick one winner but also give a consolation prize to a guy that captured my sense of humor with one of his pics. So the winner of the main prize (A free stemmed and stemless of my next design is.


Quoc T Ho for this amazing pic.

Now the winner of the consolation prize for making me laugh for a week straight! Matt Blackie! He spun a top on his cat…his CAT!! I am still laughing. Matt gets to pick a person to receive a stemmed or stemless top of my next design. Someone that is just starting out in the hobby or someone who normally would not be able to buy one.

Thanks again for participating. Here are the winning pics!!

PhotoContest12 PhotoContest14

There were three that were REALLY close. It came down to the raw number of mine you had and how they were presented but it was close!!

4 Coins SUS

OK, SUS time!!

This SUS is for one complete set of designs 1-4 with your choice of anodize pattern or just plain Ti ($500 plus $5 domestic and $15 international shipping).

There are two sets available in this SUS so we will choose two winners. I will pick the winners at noon which is three hours from now. To enter just respond “in” to this post!

S11-46 S11-47 S11-48 S11-49



First number was 6, congrats Christian Kourgelis! I will message you shortly!

Next number was 4, congrats Kris Bex! I will message you shortly!


Design #1 SUS. Solid Titanium, 1.45″ in diameter.

You choose either solid color anodize, Plaque pattern anodize or bare Ti.

$125 plus $5 domestic and $15 international shipping.

We have 3 of these.

Winners will be picked by random number generator at 3:00pm central time.

Let me know if you have any questions. Respond below with a “in” to be entered. Thanks!!


1st winner is #7! Trav Mullins

2nd winner is #6 Kris Bex again! You are on fire!!

And the last winner is………

#2 Aaron Jordan!

Design #2 SUS. Solid Titanium, 1.45″ in diameter.
You choose either solid color anodize, Plaque pattern anodize or bare Ti.
$125 plus $5 domestic and $15 international shipping.
We have 9 of these.
Winners will be picked by random number generator at 6:00pm central time.
Let me know if you have any questions. Respond below with a “in” to be entered. Thanks!!


S11-51 S11-52 S11-53

Winner 1 is #14 Marcus Young

Winner 2 is #8 Scott Hogan
Winner 3 is #7 Mats Andersson

Winner 4 is #15 Jared Schoenly

Winner 5 is #17 Jack Pessin

Winner 6 is #3 Aaron Jordan

Winner 7 is #9 Mat Ura

Winner 8 is #16 Jerick Pugal

And the final winner of Design 2 is #6 Dianne Alonsagay
Design #3 SUS. Solid Titanium, 1.45″ in diameter.
You choose either solid color anodize, Plaque pattern anodize or bare Ti.
$125 plus $5 domestic and $15 international shipping.
We have 11 of these.
Winners will be picked by random number generator at 9:00am central time 8/26
Let me know if you have any questions. Respond below with a “in” to be entered. Thanks!!
S11-54 S11-55
The plague pattern is the middle one
Design #4 SUS. Solid Titanium, 1.45″ in diameter.
You choose either solid color anodize, Plaque pattern anodize or bare Ti.
$125 plus $5 domestic and $15 international shipping.
We have 10 of these.
Winners will be picked by random number generator at 3:00PM Central time today!
Let me know if you have any questions. Respond below with a “in” to be entered. Thanks!!
S11-57 S11-58 S11-59
winner 1 is #8 Holly Spears Olson
Winner 2 is #1 Aaron Jordan

Winner 3 is #5 Jared Schoenly

Winner 4 is #11 Scott D Reid

Winner 5 is #7 Bruce Lum

Winner 6 is #10 Andy Yi

Winner 7 is #4 Christophe Lebreau

Winner 8 is #12 Cole Kudzu Palmer

Winner 9 is #14 Kris Bex

And the final winner is……. #2 Randy Becker

4 Coins Update, Photo Contest, Next design

Ok all, big week!

1st, Jordan should get the stemless tops for anodizing tomorrow. Here is the plan, we are going to start with a SUS here on this page. The SUS will be for 2 sets (all four designs). So sign up and if your name is picked you will be able to buy one set before anyone else and there will be two winners chosen. After that we will have individual SUS’s for each design to sell them out. This gives everyone a chance. I am thinking the first SUS will be Tuesday night or Wednesday and the individual SUS’s will follow immediately after.

2nd, The photo contest will end this coming Wednesday at noon central time. I will pick my favorite photo and that person gets a free top of the design I am working on now.

3rd, I am starting on my next design. I doubt I will finish it this week so plan on next week. This is the 1000 member GAW I participated in. I am not going to post any progress pics of this one but I will keep you posted on how it is going. I am hoping to have these done on around 9/3-9/5. This will be one of if not my most complicated design yet and that is why it will take so long for me to finish it. I will make a post about it with more details later this week!

I hope you all have an amazing day!

I can also tell you the 4 stemless designs with Jordan will be $125 plus shipping but my new design for next week will be $150 plus shipping due to the amount of work put into it. Hope that helps budget for those interested!

Just got a video from Jordan of the finished product. Speechless, they look even better than I imagined. He is going to get some good pics and I will get them up tomorrow! Wow wow wow

Good Morning! I can also tell you the two sets are different from one another. Meaning every one of these will be unique. Some are darker, some lighter but all look amazing to me. All I got was a choppy FB video and it was enough to make it hard to sleep last night! So pumped, Come on Jordan!!

Top #12 – 4 Coins Collab with King’s Arsenal

The makings of a stemless top 😀1-1/2″ titanium. 4 models, this is the first end of the first design. This is a collaboration between myself and the Kings Arsenal (Jordan King). I will let him share his part. These will be limited editions and all sales will go through Kings Arsenal. stay tuned for more details but let us know what you think!

S11-01 S11-02 S11-03

No stemmed versions this week. Holly Spears Olson, I am thinking I am only going to make 5 of this one but remember there will be other designs I will be working on this week. Because of the complexity of this whole thing we will not take any “ins” but please still post if you are interested. If we have enough interest we will do a SUS for all of them. I am thinking there will be 3 maybe four designs and 5-10 of each one. Make sense?

Jordan King This group will have Dibs on this collab before I release into the wild on our Instagram. Check us out at @kingsarsenal


Now the question is what do you think I will do with the other side…

Well I am making 6 of these so if you like this design just hope I don’t scrap any when I finish the second side. I will post design 2 of four on Wednesday! Thanks all 😀

Might rain tonight so if it does, no golfing and I get to make design 2 of 4. Just the first end of course.

Btw, next design has angled milling. Here was the last top that had that… 


the theme for tonight’s design is “dragon scales” smile emoticon If that makes you feel any better!

The whole inside circle will be covered in them


All four designs will be the same. 1.45″ OD and somewhere around .300 think. All anodized titanium. 1/16″ ceramic ball. I am trying to keep the air resistance down on these so they spin a long time. Air resistance + the lightness of titanium = shorter spin times. That is the thought anyways 😀

You guys ready? smile emoticon

5 minutes…


S11-08 S11-09



There are so many facets is shines like crazy! It had a cut-off nub on it so I gave it a rough spin… 😮


This pic is for my buddy Quoc T Ho


This is the last of the more subtle designs. The other two will be more radical like the last stemmed top I made. I know people like it both ways so that is what is great about making a family of tops like this. A little for everyone.

Jordan will get all four designs probably wednesday of next week then he needs time for the anodize. I am thinking the SUS’s will happen late next week at the absolute earliest.

1.45″ OD and about .3 thick. They are pretty big. About the same as the billetSPIN pro’s

Well I ended up with 12 of these. Saved the rest for the next two designs!

One more pic before I head out


Just waiting for Jordan’s opinion on design #3 but I think we have a winner. Not sure if I will finish up the first two or do the 1st of the 3rd design tonight. I can be swayed either way though 😉


Design #3?..


I should have the first one off in about 4 hours!

I told you it would be a bit more radical than the first two 😀


I am not sure I can make it this way but I will try. Looks cool I think!

I can do the second one but I had to alter my original plan. Now the four holes are the deepest and ever layer going towards the center is raised. Program is almost done. 2 hours and I should have a pic to post!

If these go well you might see some second ends done as well 😀

All four of these designs are titanium and they will be anodized. The only other materials I have in this size is bronze, SS and brass. The problem is I am running out of free time. This has taken a lot longer than I planned and making even more does not sound appealing to me right now. IF I can get these finished early enough then maybe Jordan and I will decide to do some other material options.

90 minutes

Yes sir, 45 minutes!

unexpected conference call 😞 sorry guys


I am not loving this one yet. I have to make some changes.

S11-18 S11-19 S11-20

I have one small tweak to do yet but it will only be cosmetic. What do you think?

I am running as is and trust me that this one anodized will be sweet


We still got one more design coming !

Btw, I have a one of a kind stemless still sitting on my desk. Surprised nobody messaged me about it. It was the first one I did…

Well that is a rap for tonight! I have 14 of design #3 unless I scrap one on the second end 😀 Good night all!!


Well it was a rough night last night making design number 3 last night. For those of you that don’t know I am working with Jordan King from King’s Arsenal on a stemless top project. There will be four designs total. All made from titanium and Jordan will anodize them. So far I have the first side of the first three designs done. Each one has a different quantity. I plan on running the first end of the 4th design tonight and hopefully start on the second ends. Here is a pic of the first three!


Better pic of design #3


No stemmed version of these unfortunately.

That is my personal least favorite. I like #2 the best and it looks crazy while spinning. The fourth design will look kind of like a three spoke car rim but the pockets will not go thru. I am trying to keep the spin times up and deep pockets would lighten it up to much and cause too much air resistance.

[Jordan King] did all the anodizing of the Titanium BilletSPIN Pro’s


Let’s try this again. Design #4 beginnings!


Cut out some extra lines…


And the rest of the unwanted lines…


That gets me a start. I have to make a ton of tweaks.

And the finished design 😀


Amazing what it starts out at sometimes and what it finishes at. This will be unique lol

That is a lower level. Basically just 4 pockets milled down about .050″

The center star will be done with a ball endmill and dropped down in the center and as it moves laterally it will raise up creating that look.

S11-40 S11-41

Did I save the best for last?


Oh crap, I just thought of something that would look cool though

I hate it when I think of things late but I have to try this one…



One more tweak to make those dimples smoother

I have to say I am pretty happy with this one

Dimples have been smoothed out

I even want one now lol


Last pic


2nd end will be done tonight!

Bottom will be spherical and smooth

S11-30 S11-31 S11-32

I cannot believe how slow it will spin and still stay up. Crazy good spinner

I don’t give out spin times anymore but I will tell you it spins so smooth it is ridiculous.Designs 3 and four will be slightly more low rider than designs 1 and 2. Trying to give some variety to all 😀

Well I have to come clean, you can thank Infinity Blade (game on Iphone) for the dimples I added in the center portion. I got addicted to that stupid game and the sword in it had those same dimples. That is where I got the idea from. Whew, I feel so much better now. My name is Rich Stadler and I am a recovering Infinity Blade I, II and III addict 😀

I am such a nerd






Photo Contest

Ok all, competition time. This is for anyone that owns at least one of my tops. I will be making my next design in a few weeks and the winner gets a free top of the new design! To enter just reply with a picture you took of a top I made. I will pick my favorite. Deadline is the day before I make the new design so probably August 27th. You can submit two pics per person. If I decide to make a stemless version of the new design the winner will get a stemmed and stemless. Lets see those pictures! It is not just about quality but creativity as well!

Edit: Photoshop is allowed!

Quoc T Ho #1


Jeffrey LeBouef


Jared Schoenly


Josh Rodriquez


Jake Coy Here is my first. Already on my iPad.


Randy Domingo #1


Josh Rodriquez #2 again. Realized i screwed up the edit. Lol one photo that was stitched hadnt been edited yet. Lol


Gavin Sexton First entry


Jordan King


Jordan King


Fredrick Morgan Impenetrable defense!


Quoc T Ho #2


Matt Blackie The two that i have currently and my Ninja


Rich Stadler Extra credit for them being on a live animal!

Matt Blackie



Top #11 “Mag Wheel/Ninja Star”

I am hoping I have enough time to finish this up but here is the 1st operation of the stem. I am making some in Bronze, SS and Copper. Hopefully have the collars running on Friday!


I just realized this is a little similar to Mitch’s grip design. I want to be completely unique so I am going to change it and go with a grid type pattern on the grip.

How is this one?


I am making three stems, Bronze, SS and Copper. I am making three collars, Bronze, Copper and SS as well. 1.23″ diameter but it will have a thicker collar so it spins longer with some tricked out milling of course. The edge will be smooth that it rests on unlike the last two I made.

People will have the option to pick the stem and collar materials which is something I have never offered before. Same as always, limited edition. I will never make this design again! I should finish it up on Saturday 😀

Family photo


Hey Quoc T Ho, you see it?! 😀


Wow, thanks Mitch Lum. I have been doing this since I was 13. My Dad started the place in 1986. I was addicted to cutting metal ever since. I started at the bottom scrubbing floors and worked my way up. My Dad did not want us to be the typical boss’s kids. When I turned 22 I was promoted to leadman of our lathe department. 32 I was in charge of the shop. My brother and sister work in the office. I don’t get to run the machines any more and now I just deal with employees and customers. Making these tops gets me back out doing what I love, cutting metal. All we do here is make parts for other people so it is so great for me to be able to design my own stuff and see it come to life. That is why I love these build threads. I get to share my passion with all of you. Trust me, I am as excited or more excited to see it come alive. Thanks again, that was very kind of you to say 😀

The design is complete! I am soooooooo pumped about this one.

The star is a boss and the four pockets are milled all the way though. I will put some spiral slots on the OD as well. This will be looking down from the stem.


I will be programming tonight and machining them tomorrow night and saturday morning!

I wanted to start this one early enough in the week so all my overseas friends see it before they are sold out. I did make a few more than normal so these might linger for a little while.

I will be making stemless in copper, bronze and SS but you must post “in” in the next 5 hours so I know how may to make.

Tops are $125 shipped and stemless are $100 shipped

1st operation of the collar


Remember the 4 milled pockets I will do on the 2nd end will come through to this side 😀


Correct and this pattern on the back (same as the top version)


Copper is next!



1st end stemless

S10-10 S10-11


I debated about waiting to do another one but I know my schedule is about to get crazy so it might be a long time before I make another one. Wanted to stretch the design muscle one more time before hibernation lol

Getting ready for tonight’s fun smile emoticon


Should have the first completed top in a about 2-1/2 hours…

No money until everyone can see the finished product and they are 100% happy with it. I am about 80% sold out. Not a whole lot left.

So you guys want some in process machining pics or just surprise you with the finished top?

oh my…

I have a new favorite top

I think I will change the design slightly for the stemless but man…

S10-14 S10-15 S10-16

Wait until you see it put together…


Folks, let me introduce you to Quoc T Ho‘s top

S10-18 S10-19

this one is not going to set any records. Smooth but not the longest. I am not sure of the time yet

S10-20 S10-21 S10-22 S10-23 S10-24 S10-25 S10-26 S10-27 S10-28