BilletSPIN Pro Cube

1-3/4″ aluminum cube $50. This is a one time sale. These are over runs from the Kickstarter Project. The large hole on each side is 1.5″ which was made for the BilletSPIN Pro. I have 20 of these and once they are gone they are gone. Shipping will be $5 domestic and $10 international. I will ship these Monday of next week. Please respond here if you want one or two or twenty so everyone else knows how many are left. Thanks!


More Anodized BilletSPIN Pros

Top three are completely unique and one of a kind anodize color pattern. The bottom two are almost identical and are a mat finish. You pick either a Ceramic or Carbide ball. $75 each plus $5 domestic and $10 international shipping. Let me know if you need more pics. Spin times of 5-8 minutes. Thanks! Paypal 




BilletSPIN Extras

I have some of these left in all the colors. 1-1/4″ aluminum with anodized finish. Hardened ball bearing. Shipping is $4 domestic and $8 international total no matter how many you buy. Message me what color and how many you want and I will give you my paypal. Spin times are 3-4 minutes on a mirror.

The bases you see are also for sale. They are called the “Home”. They are $27 each. Black anodized aluminum. Once the Homes and tops are gone, they are gone. I will not be making more. I can ship these right away!