Top #33 “Torus”


We had a poll and you all wanted a cool one piece next correct?
Bathgate will be done mid next week. Should have the new top the week after!


Big week this week! Tomorrow morning we launch our 6th crowdfunding project on Indiegogo called Billetspin Spheres! Then we will be releasing the next top which will be one piece and offered in a variety of materials and finishes. Those of you that ordered Rings from our website, we are making them now and should be caught up on orders I a little over a week! Lastly we will be finishing up the last of the Bathgate tops. I am a bit behind due to being ill but hopefully am doing better tomorrow morning. So who’s ready?!


Auction: Sight unseen prototype for this new one piece top. Will come with a COA. Might stink, might be similar to finished design, might be totally different might be identical. Your risk. I will let the auction run until I get the prototype done. NO minimum bid increment. No need for anti-snipe since nobody knows when this will end. Could be today, could be tomorrow, could be friday. All depends on how it goes. It will be one piece for sure. Winner will pay with paypal, immediate payment will be required. Lets not get crazy on this one, just have some fun with it. Wish me luck!

Cris Tarr 777

Rich Stadler over

Rich Stadler Congrats to Cris Tarr!


Auction is over, here is the prototype. It will be the ONLY one of these made from timascus. I am making the collar a full circle rather than the flat that is on this one. The ruby ball in the stem is non-functional. The hole was oversize so I epoxied the ruby in. Congrats Cris Tarr and I hope you like it! I will send this out today with a COA.

s33-01 s33-04 s33-03 s33-02

Here we is! The final version!!

I want to call it fat boy but I probably wont lol

It shall be called Torus

Torus spin vid!

look at the reflection in the spin base at the very start of the vid. LOVE that

Flamed copper?

Flamed SS, SS and bronze

I dont use exotics on a one piece top because the material cost would be astronomical.

it would cost so much. For example, Damascus would be around $250 and that is just too much for a one piece top

copper is 52 grams

SS is 46grams

Upside down spin vid


Sorry for the bad lighting. Trying new things and those new things appear to not work lol.

Official Torus post: 5 variations available. SS, Bronze, Copper will be unlimited through duration of sale and cost $75 plus shipping. Flamed SS and Flamed Copper will be 50 of each and $90 plus shipping. Sale starts at noon central tomorrow (12/2) and ends monday at 11am central (12/5). This is your ONLY chance to get these.

-1.2″ diameter

-50 gram average weight

-.125″ carbide bearing balls on both ends

-DO NOT spin these upside down on glass spin lens as you can damage the top and lens!!!

-one piece design

-flamed colors WILL VARY!!!!!!!!!

s33-05 s33-06 s33-07 s33-08 s33-09 s33-10 s33-11 s33-12 s33-13 s33-14

I did my absolute best to have the pictures look like they do in real life

These will be for sale on the website 50 of each of the flamed versions and unlimited of the others as long as the sale is up. It ends Monday never to be offered again. We will start shipping next week and will take 2-3 weeks to complete

Noon central, countdown timer is up

The last major[of 2016]. Still hoping to do a small run of mini’s and a stemless

YES if you polish your flamed anything, you can polish off the anodize. It does not matter is if is electroanodized or flame. The anodized layer is less than .001″ thick.


4 hours! Who’s ready??

Size comparison pic


Heading to lunch, looks like it went well! Just remember, sale ends on Monday at 11am CST. Once over, these are gone for good.



Time to come out of the closet, I am a sphere guy. I absolutely love the uni-ball. I am not alone. Since the next top is a one piece, I got a few machines open for a while and an operator with time. I am going to do a small Indiegogo for all sorts of spheres in 1″ size. This project and the one piece should be out in the next two weeks. I am really excited to get back to designing tops again! No worries, mini’s and stemless will still happen late in the year. There’s your Friday morning update! Have a wonderful day

exotics vary in price per inch and what you have to do to them. I am thinking around $200 for the most part other than timascus

I must not have been clear. I got 4 machines at my disposal right now, since the next top is a one piece (they use 2 machines) I have 2 machines open to make the uni-balls


Thanks for the feedback today. Here is the lineup less the Timascus! These will be going to Kickstarter or Indiegogo soon! No worries, new one piece top is still coming out after I finish the rest of the Bathgates. That should be in the next two weeks.


Brass, SS, copper, titanium, tungsten, tungsten copper, 2 color mokume, 3 color mokume, super conductor, magnesium, twist Damascus, basketweave damascus, Spirograph Damascus, bronze


Need some help with the name for these. Thinking BilletSPIN Element Sphere. Lets keep this one free of ball jokes. Mods just delete any you see. If I use your suggestion, you get a free sphere of your choice! We plan on launching these in one week. Not sure Kickstarter or Indiegogo yet. You can submit as many suggestions as you like.

EDIT: BilletSPIN will be the the first part of the name. That is our brand


Got a little better group shot


Video footage is shot, should have it finished on Friday. We should be launching in one week from today!


Congrats Michael Bright you are the winner with Elements! Message me once the campaign goes live with your choice of sphere. Thanks all, that was a lot of fun. Appreciate you keeping it clean as always!

So 9 magnesium balls weigh less than one tungsten. Having one each hand is a mind trip lol

Video is almost done and it is awesome. Page is coming along nicely!

BilletSPIN Spheres update: We will be launching on Monday November 28th. Hoping early in the morning. None of the spheres are limited. I will try to post the final version of the video tonight or tomorrow and then post a preview link on Friday so you can see the pricing and get ready for Monday. These will be available through Indiegogo only. Delivery will depend on the success of the project. I have orders in that will slowly get filled of the exotic materials but they take time. I will do my best for you all though. Free shipping domestic and $5 for international for each sphere. I did my absolute best to keep the pricing down. Hope you all enjoy them!

Billetspin Spheres video!


Here is the preview link. This link will also work once the campaign goes live at 6am central time this coming Monday! We still have a few more things to add to the page but you get the idea. If you have any questions, let me know! Paypal or CC. No limited editions, buy as many as you like. Brass is the only material we will be making the stands out of. If this goes well I might add a few other cool materials as stretch goals later on. I kept the prices as low as possible instead of raising them so I could offer a discount on bulk orders. Trying to make these as affordable as possible for everyone.


Big week this week! Tomorrow morning we launch our 6th crowdfunding project on Indiegogo called Billetspin Spheres! Then we will be releasing the next top which will be one piece and offered in a variety of materials and finishes. Those of you that ordered Rings from our website, we are making them now and should be caught up on orders I a little over a week! Lastly we will be finishing up the last of the Bathgate tops. I am a bit behind due to being ill but hopefully am doing better tomorrow morning. So who’s ready?!


We are live!

For those wanting to order a Billetspin Sphere, check this out!

BilletSPIN Sphere in depth video of all 15 variations!

WOW, the Spheres are doing awesome! Love you all. I think you will really enjoy these. I dont want to give you all a sob story so just know that your continued support means so much to myself, my family and the entire BilletSPIN team. THANK YOU.

Fidget Balls

Just got an idea! Forget R&D, I am making it…today. Oh man!!

We will be putting these on the website tonight. Calling them Fidget Balls. We will start with Bronze. $25 plus shipping. I am getting 30 seconds to 2 minutes every time.

fidget-balls-01 fidget-balls-02

Yo, I finally love Super Conductor!!


I will try to make these available tonight too since we got a few interested

Check this out!

Going to make some Timascus fidget balls tomorrow. $175 plus shipping. Let me know if you would be interested and I will make that amount for the website


So the fidget balls will start shipping Monday and we should be caught up Tuesday or Wednesday at the latest. If you are interested but want a different material reply here. I am doing a limited amount of Timascus already.

Ugh, just got to work and checked our material inventory. Almost out of timascus. I will get on Alpha Knife supplies website and buy as much as I can. So sorry about that! I am thinking just adding Stainless Steel for today and I will work on getting other exotics in as soon as I can. Sorry for the poor communication and getting your hopes up. If you want these in before Christmas, go with bronze, Superconductor or SS.

Someone say SS?


SC running WILD!

I believe we are down to one Superconductor fidget balls.

Stay tuned for the tri-ball and uni-ball. I have always wanted to make a 1.25″ diameter timascus ball. The tri ball should be a great spinner. All three variations will do completely different things. Fun stuff

Timascus uni-ball progress


Yo!! That’s cool and HUGE!

fidget-balls-06 fidget-balls-07

Second one


Who’s in lol? I got to keep a set of these


SS BilletSPIN Fidget Balls and the Timascus Uni-ball will be up in about an hour on the billetspin website. Fidget Balls are $25 and the 1.25″ Timascus Uni-ball is $375 for each ball. I will make other exotics but they will be 1″ and a little cheaper.




I can spin this on the 4″ K9 with zero issues at all as far as clearance. The smaller balls only hit in the initial spin

Tri-ball is live in SS only for now.

Flame on!

the bottom does not get flamed as much to create a color variation. Works pretty good!

So cool

Check it out!


Here you go Matt McCafferty


lets try this again. WATCH the video before commenting

November News


BILLETSPIN Official update: Starting immediately we ask that there be no more: For sale, trade, in search of, want to buy posts in this group. The purpose of this group is to discuss all things BilletSPIN related and the constant sale posts are detracting from that. We want you to have a way to sell your tops though as that is all part of top collecting so we suggest using Pocket Top Sales. We will test this out for a time and see how it goes. If changes need to be made, we will make them. Thank you for all your support. The pinned post will be updated shortly to reflect this. All saleposts that were posted prior to this post are fine.


Well we are over a week in since we started not allowing sales here. There has been a decent amount of pertinent info lately and it has stayed towards the top which is nice. There will be a LOT of that kind if info coming in the next month.

I know some were leery and expressed disappointment in my decision. I hope your opinion on the matter has softened a little but if not, thats ok too. I have watched PTS sales a lot and have been happy with what I have seen and it seems to be consistent to the few weeks prior to this change. We are still growing at a rapid rate. This was going to have to happen sooner or later or we would lose the ability to post anything important here which would lead to all news being posted in the business page. That was not a bad option either but I still believe this was the better choice.

The amount of drama over selling prices has been cut down to zero and this group is “fun” again.

Keep in mind, right or wrong in your opinion, I do what I do because I think it is best for the community. Trust me that I will continue to keep an eye on secondary sales so that I take care of you. I dont want to drum up drama but I do like sharing with you all what is going on in my mind.

You can expect a new top in the next two weeks. Still debating on a one piece or two piece. Then I will have a small run of stemless and mini’s yet hopefully this year. Big big big stuff in the mix for next year. Such an adventure this is. Love you all!



Quick SUS: Billetspins first ever ring done in 2 color mokume. It is just a smidge bigger than a size 10. Mirror polished. It will come in bubble wrap but we will get ring boxes for future rings. $75 plus $5 domestic and $10 international shipping. We will draw the winner from the first 5 people to reply with “in only”.

Good luck!

rings-03 Continue reading Rings