Top 34 “Triskelion”

Well I think we got a good start. Here is what I got for the stemless. 2 piece, .25″ thick by 1.48″ diameter. SS/Timascus for now. I will order some Zirc in that size but doubt it will get here in time

they will go all the way around. Only the profile of the circle inside of the large OD circle will be milled. Different type of texture than anything I have ever done

I think I will try this as a three piece and see if I got any moon glow left

Look at the pretty colors! Trying these on the stemless


Stemless update:

This one is coming along nicely. Hoping to have a prototype this week. Because I don’g offer Stemless very often I am going to try something new. The plan is to make these throughout the year in varying material combos. So every month or so, release a new material combo. Once each combo is sold out, they are gone for good. I want to try some new materials out and it takes a lot of time to get them in. The first will be SS/Timascus/moonglow. I should have enough for about 20. These will be $250 plus shipping. They are 1.48″ in diameter but only .25″ thick at the collar. Should make for a great ratio on a stemless.

Hoping to have them live on the website early next week and start shipping immediately. We have to make the all 20 of the complicated parts before we make the first complete prototype so once the proto is done it will go pretty fast. We should be able to ship all of them next week. These will be sold on the website.

I will keep you posted!


maybe I will do 10 in each direction. What do you all think?

high end bicycle rim what what was on my mind. I wanted to mill almost all of it away so you could clearly see the inner disc

Couple pics after I got it to fit. Actual version will be timascus with blue glow ring. I am going to do 10 in both directions.

Machine just went down 🙁 Nothing serious, just a sensor but that will set us back


Check this out

Cody Mayfield Electro ano?

yup, took me a while to figure it out

been using it on regular Ti but not timascus. Had my guy cut some coins for testing. Pretty cool how it owrks

Cody Mayfield Rarely see it done on timascus, heard it washes it out… but that green  🙂

it does, took me a while to figure out how to get the layers to come out. Doing it the way I do Ti makes it all one color

Cody Mayfield Every time I see a shiny BS I think of he guy from your video at the buffing wheel in your shop w endless racks of tops to polish  😉

we had to buy another one lol, keeps him busy

Thinking I might have some fun and put those coins I just colored into 5 inner disc of the stemless top we are making. I think it might look pretty cool. Thoughts?

Well this is different!

2nd proto

1st proto

Spin vid



Congrats Nick Guettler!


It is called Triskelion. I will do some good pics and a youtube vid of the production models soon.

Triskelion Information post:

-SS/Timascus/Moonglow will be the first materials released to the website this coming Monday at 11AM central. 10 of both clockwise and CC will be available. Once sold out, that material combo is gone for good.

-Price will be $250 plus shipping

-Other material combo’s will be released throughout the year. I want to use this design to play with some new materials. I am not sure how that will work so I have no idea what combinations will be coming at this point. Not sure how often I will release them and not sure how many of each. All I know at this point is once a combo is sold out, it will never be offered again. This style of sales is a test and if it goes well I will do this on other models. If not, This will be the only design I do it on.

– 1.48″ diameter

– less than 3/8″ tall

– not going to give spin times because they will vary so much from person to person.

-1/8 carbide ball

Let me know if you have any other questions. If anyone asks a question that is already answered in this post just reply potato to them.

going live on the website at 11AM central Monday

Well this turned out well!

details coming very soon on these one offs


You are bidding on one Triskelion. These are one of a kind and I will not be doing this combination again in this design. I might use the floating disc but not in timascus. $25 minimum bid increment. This will end at a random time I have set already. Once the auction ends, I will take the 5th highest bid and the top 5 bidders will pay the amount of the 5th highest bid.

Rebids- You CANNOT rebid unless you are NOT in the top 5. Any violation will be deleted.

If you are confused, here is an example:

Holly- $125
John- $200
Matt- $250
Dave- $275
Bryce- $300

Steve, John, Matt, Dave and Bryce would be the winner and each pay $150 since that was the 5th highest bid. I will then take all 5 names and put them into a random name generator and the first guy picked get his pick of the 5, next guy pick out of what is left etc until the last guy gets whatever is left.

Shipping is included. Each comes with a COA and the numbers are set in the order I made them. Let me know if you have any questions


Winners are: Simon ChikRichard F. Colleoni Jr.Brian BowdenTony Shropshire and Michael Sandler. Lindsey will message you all Monday. Total is $475 each. I will pick names monday and let you pick your tops! Thanks all!


Ok all. I got news. Due to the amount of color variations on the Timascus Triskelions I am going to sell them all here with pics of each one. Limited to one per person and it will be first come first serve starting at 11am central on Monday. This means each top will have its own post with pics of the exact top. First in gets it. PayPal only!

There are 10 clockwise and 10 counterclockwise. This is a pic of a clockwise

I apologize for any inconvenience this causes. Just don’t want another blue gate on my hands.


All 20 Triskelions that will be for sale today

OFFICIAL I did not get one post:

First off, I love the interest you (yes you) have in BilletSPIN and I appreciate and love you (yes you). There is no way for me to make enough limited tops for everyone because then they would not be limited. Even though it is not physically possible I want you to have a place to vent your frustrations. This is the place.

There will be more opportunities though!

Feel free to use this post to let it all out. Lets keep the rest of the group clear of it though! Have an awesome day

Triskelion stemless top. SS/Timascus/glow plastic. Clockwise pattern rotation (cosmetics only, does not affect spin direction).

1.5″ diameter
1/8″ carbide ball

$250 plus $5 domestic and $12 international shipping. Picture is of the exact top. PAYPAL ONLY!!!

First person to respond “in” gets it. There are 20 total being sold (10 of both directions) and limit one per person. This is just for the one pictured.

Aaron Cassity in

I used the wrong pic and the first one was the CCW pic. Aaron Cassity do you still want it? I apologize for the screw up!

Ok, now we will sell the clockwise ones. Sorry for the mess up! Here they come!

Rafael Hasbun In

Aaron Jordan In

Phillip Dunn in

Andrew Pope In

Arthur Siteman in

Theang Huey Vern in

Sam Smith in

Sarey Booth-Neades In

Axel Brown IN

Jing Tong Huang in

We are on to the rest of the CCW versions next. All the clockwise and the 1st of the CCW (my mistake) are gone. It will be a few minutes, I have to use the bathroom.

Triskelion stemless top. SS/Timascus/glow plastic. Counter Clockwise pattern rotation (cosmetics only, does not affect spin direction).
1.5″ diameter
1/8″ carbide ball
$250 plus $5 domestic and $12 international shipping. Picture is of the exact top. PAYPAL ONLY!!!
First person to respond “in” gets it. There are 20 total being sold (10 of both directions) and limit one per person. This is just for the one pictured.

Giang Nguyen IN

Nabeel Sattar in

Christopher Jason Cantieni In

Napoleon Hash In

Simon Chik IN

Gabriel A Gonzalez in

Joshua Hernandez in

Morgann Gerard in

Tom LaPlant in

Over! I understand tensions are high. Keep it to the official “I did not get one” post. THANK YOU all for participating! Hope you have a wonderful week.

I like to try things. I have done this style of sale countless times in the past but today brought some drama. Each way I sell things favors a certain amount of people. Some were pretty vocal today about how this did not favor them. In the end, 20 different people bought this top. They also got to see a pic of the exact top they will be getting so in my eyes, it was a success. I dont think I have ever not had complaining with any way I have sold tops. It is just part of a growing business. I do my best to keep everyone happy but that is not possible in a group this size.

So the Triskelion will be released throughout the remainder of the year. As each material combo is sold out, it will be discontinued. I am thinking there will be about 15 other material combos made. This all depends on machine availability.

It is made up of the Outer collar, inner disc and ring. The current version we just sold was a Stainless Steel outer collar, timascus inner disc and glow ring.

I would like to have you suggest ONE combo you would like to see me make. I am open for anything and have enough time to get almost any material since these will be made all year long.

The next version will be Stainless Steel/3 color Mokume/Glow so dont pick that one. Lets hear your suggestions!

All Triskelion winners have been pm’d. Please remember to check your message requests

You guys want to see the mokume version or should I wait a while until it is ready to be sold?

I got a new photo background that is just begging to be used

I just made one to see how it looked and I liked it. Trying to get a schedule of what I am going to make so I can get all the materials needed

January Updates

I hope you all had a Happy New Year! I am officially back from vacation and ready to go! So much in fact I forgot we are off today but I showed up to an empty shop lol. Looks like we have made a decent amount of progress on the spheres, Christmas tops are done and shipped. Time to get caught up on some stuff and get designing the stemless top! After that will be the mini and then we get into our regular routine.

Lets make 2017 amazing and I hope you have a wonderful week. I missed yooze all!


I have been asked this a lot lately. Please do not send BilletSPIN tops to anyone to have them disassembled and then reassembled to make a different top. You could potentially take two standard tops and have them made into a one off or into a very limited top. This will royally mess up the COA system and devalue BilletSPIN tops as well as take advantage of me. I am asking you because I cannot make you do this. I have contacted the people I know that offer this service and asked them not to mix and match. I only know of a couple of instances where this has happened.

I hope you understand and I appreciate the cooperation. It means a lot. I have no issues whatsoever with deep etching or polishing or any other cosmetic work. My issues is with changing the actual material combinations.

I will be updating the pinned post and this will be covered in it. Thanks again and I hope you all have a wonderful week!


1/4/17 now accepts paypal and Apple Pay…


So my wife Rich N Sue Stadler is considering joining the BilletSPIN team. She is currently working at K-mart and LOVES her job. I keep telling her how much more awesome it would be to hang out with all of you instead but she needs some convincing. Help a brother out and show Sue some love.

Big news, we just ordered a new machine. This will be identical to the last one. It is the perfect machine for tops. This will allow us a lot more versatility and will help with the increasing volume. My plan this year is to make some insanely original stuff but vary the materials enough to keep the quantities of each low while increasing the numbers of each design. That is a win for everyone. This will also help with the rings (which have been doing very well). This is of course all thanks to all of you and I appreciate that more than I could ever express. It will not get here for a while so we will keep plugging away but just wanted to let you all know the good news!

BilletSPIN Cards

Coming soon

these will be on the website this week


Michael Bright  Over 2 months in the making, I introduce you to Billet Spin Playing Cards. Featuring iconic BilletSpin top designs from 2016, as well as a special guest appearance from the original and legendary Kraken. Honestly, who doesn’t want to throw in a pair of Krakens!

True to his word, Rich does indeed delete every file on the last run of each top design. As a result, each top has been re-drawn from scratch, taking even the smallest details into consideration. This unhealthy obsession started soon after the coin design contest, in which my entry included a combination of various BilletSpin tops.

Little did I know that this design would become the foundation of an epic personal project. The result of which is a completely unique custom themed card deck.

This limited first run is intended as an ideal gift for any top collector to compliment the hobby, if there is a serious interest in more collectable playing cards featuring various top designs, I would be keen to explore them.

In short, this is a fun way to share and celebrate such a great line up of Billetspin top designs from 2016. I hope you all enjoy them as much as I did creating them!

I know I can’t wait to get my hands on then and they are available now on the BilletSpin website under accessories:

The cards are Standard Poker Size 2.48” x 3.46” (63mm x 88mm)�
and are printed on 300gsm Smooth (Matte) card stock

Lastly, A huge thank you to Rich Stadler and Lindsey Wissing for allowing me to make these cards a reality, and to everyone in the group for posting such awesome pictures of your top collections! I would not have been able to re-draw them all if you hadn’t!

Christmas 2016 Top

Christmas is approaching fast, signaling the end of 2016. What a ride it has been. I have no words to describe how appreciative I am for the support you have shown. From all of us here at BilletSPIN, thank you. You have made this year truly amazing and I fell so blessed.

As a small token of our gratitude, we are making 100 Christmas Tops to giveaway here in the group. As you know, I am a man of faith. I wanted to engrave these tops but it did not fit on this design so instead every top will come with a Precious Promise Bible that has a few encouraging verses in it. I know not all share my beliefs and that is ok 🙂 I just want to share something with you that has so much meaning to me. If you are not interested, I understand and then I just want to wish you a Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays.

If you would like to enter the giveaway, just reply with your favorite top design from 2016. One entry per person. We will figure out a way to pick the winners and let you know. We will keep this open for a few days.

Top information:
.98″ diameter
24 grams
1/8″ carbide bearing ball
one piece Stainless Steel

In closing, if any of you are struggling. Having a bad day or going through a difficult time and need someone to talk to, I am here. I care about all of you. Please don’t be afraid to message me. I am a good listener and have had my share of hard times.

Thank you all again, I look forward to getting to know you all more. I hope you have an amazing rest of your year.

Rich Stadler

timing the first spin of the Christmas top. 24 grams, what is your guess for spin time?

Just a closer look


December News

Latest video GAW!


Got some cool news. I will be a special guest on a show tomorrow night. The show will be starting at 8pm central but I won’t be on until about 9pm central. We will talk some tops and BilletSpin but mostly machining. Should be a good time and I am excited! Here is the link


BilletSPIN Update: The plan was to take it easy the last month and a half of 2016 lol. I think this is close to the busiest I have been all year. As of now, we have about 30% of the Torus tops made. We just filled a large amount of ring orders and have a few more to make. There will be more Tri-balls added to the website hopefully tomorrow in copper and bronze.

The next new project is a Christmas themed top. This is important to me because I am a man of faith and Christmas represents the birth of my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. This top will be free. We plan on making 50 to giveaway to the group. I understand this top will not be fore everyone. If you don’t share the same beliefs as me, that’s ok  🙂 I love all of yooze!

After that, still hoping for a small run of mini’s and a cool two piece stemless. This year just keeps ticking away so hopefully we can fit it all in. I have things in my personal life that are taking me away too. My father-in law passed away last night.

I will do what I can to get this stuff done for you. Trying to get as much finished so it arrives before Christmas. I want to thank you for the huge success of the Torus. Record sales for a one piece top and that means so much.

If you got any questions let me know. I shared everything I can think of at the moment. I hope you have an awesome rest of your week.



Well I know I just told you the plans for the rest of the year but you can throw those out the window. Looks like my family is going on a cruise on the 19th. I will get done as much as I can but there is no way I can do the minis and stemless. They will have to wait until I get back. Christmas top will happen. Sorry for the delay.

Top #33 “Torus”


We had a poll and you all wanted a cool one piece next correct?
Bathgate will be done mid next week. Should have the new top the week after!


Big week this week! Tomorrow morning we launch our 6th crowdfunding project on Indiegogo called Billetspin Spheres! Then we will be releasing the next top which will be one piece and offered in a variety of materials and finishes. Those of you that ordered Rings from our website, we are making them now and should be caught up on orders I a little over a week! Lastly we will be finishing up the last of the Bathgate tops. I am a bit behind due to being ill but hopefully am doing better tomorrow morning. So who’s ready?! Continue reading Top #33 “Torus”


Time to come out of the closet, I am a sphere guy. I absolutely love the uni-ball. I am not alone. Since the next top is a one piece, I got a few machines open for a while and an operator with time. I am going to do a small Indiegogo for all sorts of spheres in 1″ size. This project and the one piece should be out in the next two weeks. I am really excited to get back to designing tops again! No worries, mini’s and stemless will still happen late in the year. There’s your Friday morning update! Have a wonderful day

exotics vary in price per inch and what you have to do to them. I am thinking around $200 for the most part other than timascus

I must not have been clear. I got 4 machines at my disposal right now, since the next top is a one piece (they use 2 machines) I have 2 machines open to make the uni-balls Continue reading Spheres